Event Processing Symposium CEP for Customer Acquisition And Customer Service.

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  • Event Processing SymposiumCEPfor Customer AcquisitionAnd Customer Service

  • Agenda1. The Problem2. The Approach

    3. Results, Costs and Benefits

    4. Conclusions

  • The ProblemImprove customer acquisition and serviceInitiate a follow up email marketing campaign based on customer activity captured in CRM application.Emails should be auto-generated.For each email, create a task item and set the task to done.Emails should stop if new customer activity results in status change.

  • The ApproachAn event pattern-driven application orchestrating activity across existing systems

    Telemarketing FarmingWhen call center application sets a customer record status to farming, AptSoft event-driven process is triggered.AptSoft fetches customer data and sets timed actions to generate auto follow-up emails at 3, 10, 30, 60, and 90 day intervals.For each email sent, AptSoft sends a task completed action to CRM application.Process can be stopped based on new customer activity.

  • The ApproachFunctional approach using CEP: event-pattern:condition:action

    Call Center Workflow AutomationQualified status means a customer has been qualified by the call center rep and is ready to move to the next step of the transaction If a customer has been in qualified status for more than 10 days, AptSoft will change the status of that customer to farming, which is turn will trigger the auto-follow up marketing campaign This helps the call center if there are any customers that have slipped through the cracks owing to high call center volume

  • The ApproachAptSoft listens for new updates to status in customer records in MS SQL 2005 database.AptSoft maintains state and schedule of each customer within CEP engine.AptSoft sends emails using MS Exchange Server.AptSoft creates new task objects using CRM stored procedures directly in MS SQL 2005 database.In previous version, AptSoft event was directly triggered by web form submission

  • The ApproachFuture EnhancementsConsuming aggregated listings of data from third party servers and reconciling with internal TotalMove database.Farming marketing email campaigns customized with different email templates and queue schedule based on affiliate requirements.Local service email marketing campaign based on customer move or property transfer timeline.

  • Results, Costs, BenefitsPrimary driver was cost Reduction:Use existing systemsReduce programming effortUse existing interfaces, preferably standards-basedAssume logic and workflow will get more complex over time dont hit a wall

    12 Hours of Development Time1 Month Elapsed Time

  • ConclusionsNew requirement: stored procedure action developed

    Select the best approach:

    Is the application event-driven involving the orchestration of existing systems?

    How externally-driven is the workflow?

    Where is the application going?


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