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  • Event Networking
    Social Media Applications
  • Social Networking Pre Event
    Event Website
    Connecting attendees prior to the event will promote easier networking opportunities during the event. Capturing as many details about attendees and simplifying the ability to share activities will foster active pre/during/post event conversations. This starts with the website and registration page.
    Registration: During registration we will capture as much business/individual information as possible in order to incorporate the data on event profiles. These will be used for pre/during/post networking opportunities.
    Social Buttons Google +1, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter buttons will be added to event updates and information for simple information-sharing for attendees.
    Mobile App/Event Map Tutorial Get a jumpstart on networking by becoming familiar with the events interactive app and event layout.
  • Social Networking Pre Event
    Event Website
    As networking is a primary function of social media, pre-event networking opportunities need to be readily available for attendees.
    During the registration process, attendees will be asked if they want their RSVP shown publically on the event website and if they would like to tweet, share or post their registration activity. The expanded transparency will grow the pre event social footprint and will allow for users to prepare connections in advance.
  • Social Networking During Event Application
    Share Virtual Gifts
    Gift Sharing and
    Check-ins will:
    • Increase networking
    • Increase movement
    • Add fun competition
    • Increase contact exchanges