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Grace Jang Ryan Tsoi Bao-Chin Tseng Jinglu Liu. Event Hero. The Problem. Hard to find shared time for planning events without going through the time-consuming process of relayin g i nformation . High Level Solution. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Event Hero

Event HeroGrace Jang Ryan TsoiBao-Chin TsengJinglu Liu

Hard to find shared time for planning events without going through the time-consuming process of relaying information.The Problembusy schedulesslowed responses from peersinefficient ways to know the availabilities of peersEvent Hero will help expedite the event planning process, allowing people to find more shared time faster.

High Level SolutionOverviewRepresentative Tasks

Design Evolution

Current UI Description

Future Enhancement

Summary OverviewGet friendsavailability instantaneously vs traditional call-and-responseTask1: Finding Availability Get recommendation of activities to do orplaces to go based on interestsTask2: Getting RecommendationGet event invitations and updates.Task3: Notification and FeedbackContextual InquiryEarly SketchesTask AnalysisLow-Fi prototypeUsability TestingHigh-Fi prototypeDesign EvolutionInefficient ways to know the availabilities of peers

Indecisive about what to do or where to go

Slow responses from peersContextual Inquirybriefly explain 3 CI attendees and what was asked to doSet Goals:Painless, Simple, Intuitive, Fast, Minimalistic, Fun,Walkthrough usersEarly design for the entire application Early SketchesTask AnalysisHelped break down the problem into smaller partsEvents are spontaneous in nature such as lunch meetupRefocused our goalspontaneityinstantaneityLow-Fi Prototype"circular " idea. time line, roulette, simple, intuitive, fun etc.Usability TestingSome screens were clutter with information

Couple titles on the buttons were confusing

Overall able to complete the three tasks(Finding availability, Getting Recommendation, simple notification and feedback) Change resulting from Usability TestingMade settings and timeline into separate pages

Used more informative titles to replace the individual and combine buttons Change resulting from Usability TestingIndividual and combine buttons are confusingChange Resulting from Usability TestingMade event poll and discussion into separate pages In order to not overload the event page with too much information, Current UIFinding availabilityCurrent UIGetting Recommendations

Current UINotification and FeedbackEvent Hero Demohttp://share.axure.com/KFQPLQ/Future EnhancementImplement users profile feature Implement schedule collecting featureSyncing data with existing social networking sites/calendar applicationsGamify the application to increase communication

Implemet users profile feature to collect prefernecesSchedule availability

Summary3 Tasks: Finding availability, Getting recommendation, Notification and Feedback

Revised Prototype: Timeline, Roulette

Event Hero: Help people spend time together easily, anywhere, anytime.