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  1. 1. Evangelizing SEO Kenyon Adei-Manu
  2. 2. Why Is SEO Evangelism Important? 1. Increase your teams output by reducing the amount of time they spend putting out fires. 2. Ensure that your website becomes and stays optimized. 3. Prevent un-optimized content from being published on your site. 4. Creates a collaborative team environment wherein SEO helps other channels/teams become more successful. 5. Allow your team to become more proactive instead of reactive.
  3. 3. Where Do You Start? SEO Evangelism is a top down approach! Begin by getting SEO buy-in from the top level leadership.
  4. 4. Evangelism is Like Link Building
  5. 5. The Higher Authority Your Buy-ins, The Higher Your Projects Will Get Ranked!
  6. 6. Proving Your Channels Worth Organic Search Drives 51% of all visits to B2B and B2C websites! Traffic from organic search has no associated cost. Organic Search builds brand awareness while driving revenue. Organic Search is a touch point to all marketing channels.
  7. 7. Proving Your Worth Having a clear road map demonstrates that you have a thought out plan of how you will drive GROWTH for the company. Having realistic about projections, resource needs and your abilities sets expectations. Focus on numbers and metrics gives credibility to your claims. Being knowledgeable about SEO and having a good track record will help people believe in your vision. Three Cs Clear, Concise and Confident.
  8. 8. Building Relationships Find out how SEO can be beneficial to every channel and team you would like to integrate with. Use case studies to show how SEO has benefited channels and improved companies. Applaud teams for working with you and give them credit when they deserve it. Be a team player. Help people as much as you can!
  9. 9. Give Teams insight
  10. 10. Education, Education & Education Creating Wiki style documents for every team involved in creating content has reduced un-optimized being published by 7x! Regularly scheduled trainings for different teams means people stay trained and have an opportunity to discuss SEO and ask questions. This also provides a chance to show your expertise while educating others. Help managers to train new employees when they come on their teams this helps ensure SEO is taught to new employees and reduces content slipping through the cracks.
  11. 11. Communicate Your Success & Partnerships Create data driven reports that clearly show your successes, progress and failures. Constantly touch base with people and let them know how your projects are going. Make examples of the people and teams that are helping you succeed and this will make other want to work with you. Send E-mails to leadership letting them know how much their employees helped you reach your goals.
  12. 12. Create an Operational SEO Cycle!