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1. Evaluation: Question 4 Who would be the audience for your media product? 2. Who is the audience? We have tried to aim our product at teenagers. During previous research, I researched about films related to our genre. I found out that a huge margin of profits for thriller films are from teenagers. Films of our genre are mostly viewed by teenagers ranging from 15 -18. There is a small margin of people who are aged 20-28 but the biggest profits are developed by teenagers. This depends however on the age rating, whereas films such as the SAW series have huge profits of people aged from 18-21. We decided that due to our genre, we would aim our product at teens due to the huge profit margin. 3. Film Certification If we were to release our films to Cinemas and give it a media release (DVD, Blu-Ray, On Demand) our film would probably receive the certificate 15. This is due to the fact that there any stereotypically never any thriller films lower then a 12A. The 15 certificate allows a large range of teenagers to also view the film in the cinema at the time of release. A 12A would have been unsuitable due to graphic content. If the film had been released as an 18, a huge profit margin would be lost due the younger teenagers not being able to view the film. 4. Certification of Thriller Films Referring to my Who is my audience slide, I will refer to films that are similar to our product. One film that is very similar to our media text is THE STRANGERS. This film is about a couple who are terrorised by three masked figures in their remote summer house. The film itself aims its audience by having themes of home invasion and suspense. It also features frightening and intense themes as well as violence, gore and nudity. 5. Certification of Thriller Films Another film that is very similar to our product is a film called SILENT HOUSE. Even though the film is depicted as a horror, it still has similar key elements that are similar to ours. The film however is shown in real time. Its footage has been manufactured so to appear as one continuous shot. The plot, again similar to The Strangers sees a young woman terrorised in her family vacation home. The film contains strong violence and sustained threat. 6. BBFCThe British Board of Film Classification sets the guidelines for films and identifies certificates for the film. For a film to receive a 15 classification, it will have the following traits included in the product: strong violencefrequent strong language (eg 'fu*k).Very rare use of very strong language (e.g cu*t)portrayals of sexual activitystrong verbal references to sexsexual nuditybrief scenes of sexual violence or verbal references to sexual violencediscriminatory language or behaviourdrug taking