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  • 1. EVALUATIONQUESTIONHow did you use mediatechnologies in the constructionand research planning andevaluation stages ?

2. INTRODUCTIONDuring the construction of my short film I haveused a wide range of media technologies toenable me to create different products, presentmy work in different mediums and hasdeveloped my knowledge and understanding. 3. CELTXCeltx is a free programme that offers script and screenplaystructures that gives a much more professional look than usingword. I used word to write the foundations of the screenplay and asit developed I transferred it to a Celtx document. Using differentcommands I found it easy to use and gave and overall professionallook 4. CELTX EVALUATIONCeltx was a great programme to use to createthe screenplay. Once learning all of thecommands it soon became quick and efficient touse. For a free programme I would recommendthis to anyone planning on writing a documentfor a film either screenplay or script writing. Ithelped my pre production stages by creating ascreenplay that the cast and crew could readand follow easily. 5. YOUTUBEYouTube is a great place to showcase my rough cuts, final productand behind the scenes video. I uploaded my videos by convertingthe files from Final Cut Pro 7. When exporting these versions I havedecided not to do it in the highest quality format because of the sizeof the files. I used Quicktime Conversation to export it as aQuicktime movie file then I changed the setting accordingly to makesure its still at a high quality that YouTube could upload at anreasonable amount of time. 6. YOUTUBE EVALUATIONI found YouTube very helpful for my Extreme Rough Cut and RoughCut because the feedback received. I could change what waspointed out which enhanced the outcome of the short film. YouTubealso helped my research stages in terms of looking at existingproducts and extracting the appropriate information to help bothinspire me and have a bases for my own project. YouTube has beena key factor that has helped thought the different stages ofproduction. 7. PREZIPrezi is a website I have used a few times. Prezi allows you tocreate fancy spider diagrams. I found this very limited and overallvery pointless. The website doesnt offer a lot of personalization andis very tedious to use. Although it looks very nice and slick I do notenjoy using it and have only used it to demonstrate my ability ofusing different technologies and having variation on how my work isshowcased on my blog. 8. PREZI EVALUATIONPrezi has only offered my work variation. It is,what it is. Out of all the technologies I have usedit has been good for adding a different angle tomy research. I will be using it as a way toanswer my evaluation questions. 9. SLIDESHARE & SCRIBDVery simple yet very effective. Slideshare allows PowerPoints to beuploaded to be embedded. By making PowerPoints and embeddingit into my blog it keeps a lot of information compacted into onePowerPoint giving my blog breathing space so that it isnt just onelong essay. Slideshare helps to break up my blog and allows me towrite a lot of information in one place. Scribd is similar exceptinstead of power points its used for PDFs and word documents.Again its a good way to keep all of my work in one tidy location.Both are very simple first I create a document or PowerPoint thenupload it to the correct site. Then using an embed code transfer it tothe html when creating a new post and publishing it. 10. EVALUATION OF SLIDESHARE &SCRIBDI found both of these sites extremely helpful in showcasing my workand keeping my blog organised. This piece of technology has beenthe most helpful in terms of presentation of my blog posts. 11. PHOTOSHOPPhotoshop is a brilliant photo editing software and is one of thetechnologies I use a lot. Photoshop offers the user everything theywill need to edit from dodging and burning, layer masks, filters,gamma control, blurs, cropping, brightness and contrast changers,transformation, text, levels and so much more. It is a great tool thatallows the experienced Photoshopper to create endless possibilities.I used Photoshop in making my two ancillary products. The majorityof my skills came through on my poster. I created the magazine onPhotoshop using the images I have edited and the layout of thedouble page spread. 12. PHOTOSHOPThis is the before and after for theposter and the banner, there is anoticeable difference between the two. 13. Magazine Ancillary products edited usingPhotoshop 14. FINAL CUT PRO 7Final Cut Pro 7 is currently my favourite editing programme.Professional layout and easy to use once understanding how itworks and where everything is. This programme has allowed me tobring all my clips together onto a timeline to create a narrative withcontinuity. It allows me to add diegetic and non diegetic sound aswell as changing the style and effect of the clips. The differenteffects and filters I used were widescreen effect, 3 colour wheel,saturation, blacks, mids, whites, tint, contrast, brightness, levels,gamma control and a whole host of other adjustments effects andfilters. Final Cut has been an important technology in theconstruction of my final product with out this important piece oftechnology it would not be possible for my short to exist. 15. EVALUATIONFinal Cut Pro offers a straight forward professional way of editing myshort. Easy once understanding where everything is and differentskills and techniques. It has a brilliant easy to use layout that isefficient and the editing effects are all manually controlled giving methe editor and mediator the power to do what I want. Myunderstanding of Photoshop and general photography skills help myjudgements. 16. SOUNDTRACK PROScreenshot of an audio file exported from Final Cut Pro intoSoundtrack Pro for a audio analysis of clicks and pops and otheraudio disturbances. Soundtrack is a piece of software I havent usedbefore so was a new technology skill I have learnt during thisprocess. 17. EVALUATION SOUNDTRACK PROI felt like it defiantly helped with the smoothness of the audio andironed out any unwanted audio that was picked up howeverbecause of my audio problems it was often difficult to correct it andfind a solution. I learnt a number of skills from noise reductiontechniques, to analysis of clicks and pops etc. In conclusion thiswas a great programme and I learned new skills however it didntallow me to edit to the amount I wanted. 18. IMDBThe Internet Movie Data Base has been extremely useful during theresearch stages. I have an account that enables me to view all of thestatistics of how other people have rated films. By selecting the filmsthat were relevant to my Genre I was able to see what was successfuland find the average rating which had different sections of gender andage group. I found this to be the best possible audience researchbecause of the way it was divided between gender and age group.Another advantage of this was the amount of people that have rated.Sometimes for a certain age group and gender there has been 300,000to 500,000 people that have rated. The fact is, is that is has already gotmore data than I would have been able to have collated myself so I tookfull advantage of this. IMDb has been a great site to use in the researchstages of pre production. It has given me a wealth of information formyself to observe, interpreting from it and helping me withunderstanding of my target audience 19. FLICKRFlickr was a great site to receive audience feedback and show casemy poster. The advantages of this site is that it is available for theworld to view and is not subjective to just friends and family. Ithelped me gain a understanding of what audiences thought aboutmy ancillary products. Very simple to use again is simple anuploading task. 20. BOOKSI just want to mention two books that have been extremely helpful duringthe construction of Notes Vexatious. The first is Making Short Films:The Complete Guide from Script to Screen, Second Edition publishedon the 15th of February 2008, author Cliff Thurlow. This book coverseverything you need to know and I would recommend it to any youngfilmmaker. This has been the most informative source I have used andhas helped me so much!The second is The Art of the Film by Ernest Lindgren published 9th ofJuly 1970. Although it was published in the 70s it is still very relevant,.Again this is another great book and is a great read for anyoneinterested in film.Media Technologies have been extremely helpful and have enabled meto achieve a lot in numerous ways however it is important to rememberthat books and traditional ways are still very effective. In this digital agewe tend to forget older practises which can make people and filmmakersignorant of traditional ways which have worked so successfully for manyyears. I am aware this irrelevant to the question How did you use mediatechnologies in the construction and research planning and evaluationstages? but these books were very important during the construction ofNotes Vexatious and I want to pay homage to them.