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Evaluation Question 3


Evaluation Question 3: What Have You Learned From Your Audience Feedback?

Evaluation Question 3: What Have You Learned From Your Audience Feedback?

Target AudienceThe target audience this promotional package is trying to reach out to is mainly females in the age range of 16-19 because from research of the genre and similar artists, this is the predominant demographic attracted to this music. However, it is not just dedicated to this target audience as it can appeal to a wider range of demographic who have experienced problems in their lives which they cannot change and relate themselves with the characters in my production. I conducted a case study of my target audience which I believe it to be a specific audience to be targeted at with the ability to go further afield.

Audience FeedbackAudience feedback is essential in identifying loopholes which can alter the audience we are mainly targeting to, or more importantly, support our current demographic which strengthens our points. To get this feedback, questionnaires were used. I handed a questionnaire to other people in my media class and a few others around sixth form and asked them to watch my music video and fill out the questionnaire honestly and accurately to their opinions alone. Then I asked them to take a look at my digipak and magazine advert and fill out another questionnaire. I got a range of males and females to fill out each questionnaire with their age added so that I could compare my findings.

Music VideoThe first four questions:1) How much did you enjoy the music video?2) Did it hold your attention?3) How do you rate the camera work and editing4) How do you rate the standard of mise-en-scene?These questions allowed the reviewer to circle between 1- 5, 5 being the best quality. From both genders, 4 was the most common number circled which is a really positive response considering there was still tweaking needed to be done on the music video. This is why doing this is so important because people can offer constructive criticism so you can make your music video that bit better. In fact, there wasnt any one question which went below 4, for any of the first four questions. However, I did identify from this that some of the ones marked 5 mainly came from the male gender which I didnt think would target them as much as the female. This is a positive as it shows the music video to be quite diverse so both genders are enjoying this. All but 1 of the questionnaires were filled out by 17-18 year olds which was done because our target audience has already been established due to research so it is backing this up which has been done successfully and everybody enjoyed it to a good extent.Most believed the music video was the correct length but some thought it was too short. At the time in was about 15-20 seconds shorter than it is now but thanks to the feedback, I was able to extend to music video to improve it and also add in the titles appropriately. Everyone said that they would watch the music video again which again, is a really positive piece of feedback as it shows that our target audience has been met and they would happily sit down and watch it again.

Music VideoThen the questionnaire moved on to the more critical part which can be the most beneficial, which it was. It asked for suggestions to improve the appeal, if they found anything offensive and if there was anything they didnt understand or found confusing. There was a similar comment from two different females suggesting that the diegetic sound was good, but overlaps the song a little much as it was too noisy. I looked back over my music video and identified which parts this occurred in and so I turned down the volume so the song was the dominant sound. I agreed with the two females about this and was able to edit to adjust this. No one found anything offensive which was a good thing.Some people found a couple of things hard to understand. One comment said the narrative was quite confusing. This was purposely done because mystery is a theme use in my music video which allows audiences to decode the text (Stuart Hall) and come up with their own interpretations. However, as two people said about the narrative, I did go through my music video again and make changes to clearly show the female is haunting the male and the scenes of her are flashbacks. Also the use of the sirens suggests an accident has happened which is now used more frequently for emphasis. The one older person who did a questionnaire said the beginning sounded more like traffic noise than a siren. Taking this into account, I changed the shot and made the siren a recurring sound 3 times in the beginning so it no longer sounded like traffic noise.However the females found the narrative understandable and not confusing so our predominant target audience didnt have to much criticism, just the diegetic sounds which that issue was resolved, like the others.

Music VideoThe final part of the questionnaire is more summing up the overall quality of the music video. It asks:What the best part of the production is, does the video reflect the style of the music, does it successfully promote the band/artist, on overall mark out of 5 for the music video and finally and further comments to help improve the music video.There were a variety of comments for the best part of the production varying form the editing which puts together the video and makes the product a success to the use of camera angles used. Most comments were complimenting our editing techniques which shows the hard work put into the finishing product and the efforts. The majority of the females said the editing was the best part whereas the males were a little more diverse.Only the 71 year old said that she didnt know if the video reflects the style of the music. I thought about how to adjust the edit to make it reflect the music more but she seemed happy with everything else and my main target audience thought it reflected so I was happy that it reflected the style of music.Two people put undecided when answering if the video successfully promotes the artist/band? However I still needed to add the credits and the end a tweak the rest of the edit so afterwards, I believe it promoted the band successfully and the majority of others agreed, especially in the prime demographic. In asking for an overall score out of 5, a couple of people put 5 out of 5 and the rest of the people put 4 out of 5 which is really great. My target audience were satisfied while reaching out to males as well who also enjoyed the music video.There was another improvement stated in the comments part at the bottom which stated the track should be cut to match the edit. After I completed the edit, I made sure the track cut so that it didnt cut off half way through a lyric.

Music Video Questionnaires

3 completed questionnaires

Print ProductionsTo collect feedback data for my print productions, I used a questionnaire which other media students in my year filled out to see what they thought of the overall production.The start this questionnaire asked them 5 questions which were:Does the package successfully reflect the genre of music?Does the package successfully promote the band/artist?How do you rate the standard of graphics, text, print finish of digipak?How do you rate the standard of graphics, print finish of advert?How successfully is the Britishness of the package established?Most of the answers provided were very positive from both genders, especially males which is showing the these print productions can widen the audience appeal because before receiving feedback on these, it was females who were my prime target. Females still are but the audience appeal has attracted more males from my print productions which is a positive.The most common circled number for each were 4s, along with quite a few 5s. There were a couple of 5s given for the second question, however, there was a 3 given by a female that was stated for a very good issue. On my poster, the name of the track was not on there which I had missed out. This enabled me to add it on to the poster and hand it in as my completed poster. This is an issue I have talked about to stress the importance of audience feedback because anything vital that has been missed or need improving can be identified which was clearly done in my poster.

Print ProductionsThere was one piece of feedback for the first 5 questions which stood out as an oddity because it was much lower than all of the other pieces of feedback. They gave me two 2s and three 3s. Although it isnt disastrous, it is not particularly the sort feedback I was hoping for. This can be good in improving my production though but there was no indication of what was wrong with it, no comments to suggest so or improvements. This was done by a 17 year old male so as I have identified males were attracted by print productions more, this may not always be the case.It started to become clearer to me from the first 5 questions that my magazine advert was of top quality, whereas my digipak was slightly weaker but still effective. This was then backed up by the next two questions which were:Would the covers encourage you to buy the digipak?Would the advert encourage you to go to an event by this artist?Most people answered yes from both genders which is good feedback. This shows that they are identifying with the music video to the print productions and realising the similarities, thus using genre characteristics of the genre to attract the target audience of females 16-19. Again, the feedback which gained criticism said no to the digipak and undecided for the advert. All females said yes to the poster and most said yes to the digipak so the positives outweighed the negatives well with little revisions needed from feedback. Nobody found aspects which were offensive which is positive in keeping the target audience happy.