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Evaluation, Question 3

Evaluation, Question 3What kind of media institution may distribute your product and why?

A media institution is an establishment that is in charge of distribution and marketing of their media products. A media institution is often profit based and will be commercially known (if its successful). For example, Bauer distributes and markets the magazine kerrang. Media InstitutionsQuincy Jones was the founder behind Vibe magazine, and working with time Inc launched Vibe in 1993. In 2009 Jones sold the rights to a private equity fund called Inter-media partners, who now distribute the magazine monthly. Quincy Jones and Time IncI feel that should Quincy Jones would be a good distributor for my magazine because he has experience with my genre of magazine, and follows the beliefs that I feel my magazine represents.My distributorTime Inc had a big role to play in the distribution of Vibe magazine. They would sometimes use newspaper advertisement as well as radio. This then progressively got better as things like TV advertisement came along. This means that my magazine would have these opportunities to be advertised as well.Opportunities