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What kind of media institute might distribute our media product and why? Question 3

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Page 1: Evaluation Question 3

What kind of media institute might distribute our media product and why?

Question 3

Page 2: Evaluation Question 3

I think an Art House or Independent institution would distribute my media product as it would appeal to a niche audience. As our film isn’t a mainstream film and it is focussed at a small audience a Hollywood institute wouldn’t be advised, however, our film has similar traits to a Hollywood film, including titles and shots.

Mainstream films that are distributed in Hollywood have a large budget, as they have to make a large prophet, however the budget put in place to create our product was minimal. Although I would like to make a prophet from my film I think it would be used and advertised as art. I think distributing our film using the internet would also be advisable as this would appeal to our target audience and market meaning it would be viewed more and the audience would expand.


Page 3: Evaluation Question 3

Our film would be released for the purpose of the audience. The target audience that we have aimed our film at enjoy watching horror films and gain pleasure from watching them. Conversely our film does deal with important issues and

feelings. As these issues are raised throughout our film we would need to think carefully about our target audience if I was to produce franchises and

merchandise. Our film would be aimed at a smaller audience as

I defiantly think it is suitable to distribute our film for the audience. After conducting an audience survey 83% of the people asked said that our genre of

film appeals to them, this information is shown above.

Page 4: Evaluation Question 3

Although our film isn’t a mainstream film it could be distributed and advertised using the internet. We would be able to show it on the internet for free using

video sites such as YouTube and networking sites such as FaceBook and MySpace. We could also put it on Amazon and iTunes. From these e-commerce stores we could make a prophet. As our horror incorporates mise en scene that would be

used in any mainstream film it would be accepted and therefore distributed further.

From the target audience research collected I found that are film is targeted at ‘tribe wired’ individuals. From this it is best for our film to be distributed and promoted

across the internet as this is the most effective and modern ways of advertising and promotion.