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Page 2: Evaluation- Question 2

By using the films main characters and suggestive plot points, this distinguishes a level of clarity, such as what the film is about, but also grabs the attention of those who view the poster. For example, the tagline underneath the title give a concise summary of the theme of redemption and forgiveness and denotes the key theme of the product.

This is also evident in the magazine, as the main marketing image features the love interest of the central protagonist. This introduces the notion of a second character holding greater significance within the narrative. This creates cohesion between all three products as all three feature key characters.

Page 3: Evaluation- Question 2

1. Between the poster and the magazine, a cohesive marketing image has been made through colour. For example, the high colour saturation in the poster is similar to a shot at the end of the trailer. This allowed for consistency amongst the marketing package as the colour palette is a key element in the poster as it is the foundation for intrigue in the product.

3) The orange hue is effective as it has a high visibility, enabling it to catch the viewers attention and highlights the most important feature of the poster that need to resonate with the viewer and the audience: the central protagonist. The combination of contrast and spacing grabs attention as the depth of field hones in the focal points of the poster: the title, tagline and critic reviews which increase the credibility of the product as they raise interest.

2) The connection between the two reintroduces the protagonist Cain. The shot in the trailer is in fragmented slow motion which denotes the genre of the product as it presents the protagonist as having multiple personalities that are unknown to the viewer, but will be exposed in the ‘film’.

Page 4: Evaluation- Question 2

3) The combination of the white and blue font reinforces the multifaceted personality of the protagonist. The use of the colour white denotes light and goodness. It is often used as the colour of perfection. This serves as a binary opposition of the background of the main image of the protagonist.

1) The typeface used in the poster is also used for the titling in the trailer, this creates a cohesion between both marketing technique. The effect of using the ‘Ever After’ typeface is effective because the bold font combines the poster and the trailer.

2) The font deliberately contrasts with the tone of the poster as the white and blue create a glacial and bitter atmosphere, however the warm orange tinted hue of the main image subverts this icy image. Additionally, this amalgamates the poster and trailer as the font type and colour palette remain consistent amongst both products maintaining the marketing image.

Page 5: Evaluation- Question 2

1) It is evident that within all three productsused a blue or orange hue is present which serves as a cohesive across all three products. The colour blue denotes our chosen genre of drama as it is often associated with depth and stability. Depth is a key aspect of the protagonist as this coming of age drama focuses on the protagonists path to redemption and forgiveness as he attempts to forge a new path and better himself.

2) The typeface used on the magazine differs from the poster and trailer as it is evidently handwriting, however this is a stylistic element of ‘Little White Lies’. The main image of the magazine is Megan Cass, the love interest of the central protagonist, instead oft the male ‘Cain’. Across the dramas that were researched it was evident that in the poster for the promotion of 500 Days of Summer, the love interest of the main character was used for the poster instead of the central protagonist Joseph Gordon Levitt.

3) However, in 500 Days of Summer, the female protagonist is essentially the title character as her name is ‘Summer’. She is also the main characters love interest placing a focus on romantic element of the drama. Similarly, in our production ‘Show Me Love’ the main image of the magazine is also the central protagonists love interest.