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Page 2: Evaluation   Question 2

Our film has two main stereotypes, these are: - Disability - Gender These are shown very strongly throughout the opening of our film

as the narrative of our film is based on a disabled race drivers life.

The stereotype of the gender is a motor sport film and our film opening fits the stereotype of a male motorsport racer.

Having the main narrative based on a disabled main subverts the stereotype of a typical motorsport film.

Page 3: Evaluation   Question 2

Locations As a group we made the decision to

use as many locations as possible, especially in the establishing shots. We filmed at the track, either in the car, grandstands and some of the opening was filmed in Gaby’s garage.

The track is a stereotypical place for a motorsport film to be located. It also creates the right atmosphere for the genre of our film.

During most of the locations on the track we wanted high key lighting as these were the locations that most of the flashbacks were taking place.

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Characters We have one main character in the film and he is a protagonist. The main

character is disabled throughout the opening of the film, this is revealed at the very end of the opening, when he is shown in a wheelchair. The actor is only young but we change this with the props and costumes. He is seen holding a mug of tea, which could show warmth and he needs help to warm up. He is also wearing a scarf and hat to show this as well. His costumes is plan and dark – this is commonly associated with older generations or sadness. However during the peek times of the film (flashbacks) he is shown in full race gear, is happy, walking around and is with happy people. This is stereotypical the feeling of a racer.

The main theme of the film is the difference between the disabled and abled and how one little thing can change your life.

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Characters The main actor had very minimal make up as he was meant to look old and sad. However

the fan girls did wear a lot of make up so that they suited the stereotypical feeling of a fan girl.

The main prop we use during our opening film is the wheelchair, this is because our whole idea was built around him being disabled and the fact the last thing you see in the opening film is the wheelchair.

The main actor is shown in the past and present day, the past where is happy and able and the present when he cant do anything and is sad and alone. This is shown through locations where the actor is placed. For example when the actor is in the present he is shown alone at the bottom of the grandstand, behind the fence to the track. This is to reinforce the fact that he is alone and sad. However when he is in the past he is shown in the track grounds with lots of people (fans) this again reinforces the fact that his racing days were good and happy and he was able to walk around. The comparison between the two is done by the fence – when he is able he is in the track but when he is disabled he is trapped by the fence. It is saying his disability is represented by the fence being in his way.

Page 6: Evaluation   Question 2

Camera Shots, sound and editing The camera shots, sound and editing all work together to

construct a specific reading for the audience to understand. We wanted them to understand the narrative without the voice-over so we know we have done an ok job with editing, camera work and sound (music).

Page 7: Evaluation   Question 2

Camera Shots During the present the camera movements are slow and steady

this is to represent his life now – sad, lonely and hard. During the flashbacks, so his racing days the camera movements are faster and most are hand old to show the speed and jumps of a racers life/career.

We used a variety of different angles in our opening to show different feelings, for example we had a low angle shot, looking up at the main character in the wheelchair. This was to emphasise the fact that he is alone. Also we used a high angle shot to symbolise the fact that he is small and worthless as he is disabled.

Some of the shots we used were: Close ups Long shots Wide shots Medium shots

Page 8: Evaluation   Question 2

Sound As a group we decided to use non diegetic sound, which we

found from a copy right website. We picked a track to play over the whole opening, we had three we liked to chose from and the picked out final one after audience testing them all. We wanted the track to be played the whole way through the opening to create a sad atmosphere. During filming day we filmed the noise of the car engine starting so that we could use this in our film at any time we wanted it.

We also had a voiceover which we played all the way through the opening of the film, however we made sure that the diegetic noise of the voice over was played at the right time, so what he was talking about was on the screen. This creates a feeling for the audience and makes it easier to understand the narrative.


Page 9: Evaluation   Question 2

Editing Our opening film is based on the past and present day and this is

shown through flashbacks that the main character is playing. We used filters to make it clear to the audience and what parts where the flashbacks – these tended to be more bright than the other scene to show happiness. We thought doing this would create more emotion for the audience as the racing part of his life is bright and the present bit is dark and sad. The other main reason why we did this was to make it easier to understand what was the past (flashbacks) and what was the present day.