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1. Synergy is the interaction of two or more agents to ensure a larger effect than if they acted independently. This is beneficial for each company through efficiencies in expertise and costs. For example for my short film I used Little White Lies as a platform to promote my film as well as social network sites like Facebook and twitter. 2. The poster is key to capturing the audiences attention and the way this is executed will help draw in an audience. The poster itself tells audiences a lot about the film for example what genre it belongs to? This is portrayed through the colours that are used. For example for my poster I have used two dark colours white and black which stand out and displays a sense of mystery. My poster focuses on the film title itself which is Snowflake, so I decided to have a snowflake as my centre of attention or the poster. So this is where I feel audiences is most likely to look before even looking at the working title. The tagline is also used to incise the audience, also the shift of colours on text, for example on the white side the tagline is in black and on the black side the text is white, which helps build on the idea of mystery and thriller. I believe that my poster will target audiences who enjoy watching thriller/mystery type films and I do believe that my poster helps convey this through the use of typical conventions which are used, for example dark colours. This also helps display a symbolism towards as one of the elements of the film is innocence and this is displayed through the use of a snowflake. Also the text which I used also links to the ones that are used in the film which builds on the house style. This helps build on the brand that is being built which also builds on the audience. The tagline itself is meant to follow the idea of the film as people are being forced to take in the regime, however the tag line plays on the idea of a regime by claiming its a trick, this helps build audience likes as after watching the film the tagline will make more sense as its one that has a direct link to the film. 3. A review had to be written about my film in the style of the Little White Lies magazine. LWL is an organisation who is popular for writing film reviews for many up and coming film as well as your big blockbuster films. The LWL style targets middle class film enthusiasts so rather challenging language is used alongside metaphors in order to keep the audience interested in the review. Each publication follows a particular house style for example one of the publications where about pirates. However the layout of each review is similar for example the first paragraph will tell the audience the past of the director, for example previous work. Then followed by strengths and weaknesses of the working title, followed by a ratings system at the end of the review. Based on these ratings, the audience will decide if they would like to watch the film or not. The film reviews that are written focus on many aspects of the film, mainly the story and how it was executed through the use of camerawork, editing , locations etc. This is important to write about as I believe that these are the main aspects which touch the audience and makes them relate to the characters for example the 14 year old child in Snowflake. Information about the film will be gathered by LWL through the use of a press pack and a YouTube link to the short film itself. The press pack will give LWL details of the film and stills of the short film, which could later be used to include as the picture of the film review. I believe that the LWL magazine is the right magazine for me to use as the message the film is trying to convey can only be understood by adults and maybe the matured younger audience. Even if the main character is a child , the idea that Snowflake is about a feared leader who is oppressing people with a new regime and how a snowflake can play its part in this film can only be understood by matured minds. So this is why I believe that LWL is the best film review publisher to write the review. Overall the LWL review is positive and focuses on just a few weaknesses, for example the use of less dialogue in the film which kind of made it hard to understand the message and the smoothness of the editing was another weakness., which took away the attention of the audience as it effected the flow of the film. 4. Overall I believe that the my short film, poster and film review all inter twine with each other very well. For example the poster and the film both follow a house style as both are in black and white. The review also has the same affect as its taken from the film and its of the invigilator. The film and poster both help to capture the audiences imagination for example the poster helps compliment the film as its in black and white also it plays with the audiences mind just the like the film as I any text on the white side is in black and any text on the black side is in white. This is also apparent on the working title which helps portray the genre which is mystery and thriller. Both the film and the poster follow the typical convention of thriller/ mystery films for example the dark colours which are used and the idea of both products playing with the audiences mind.