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Evaluation Task 2

How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages? What particular camerawork techniques & editing tools were used and to what effect? You need to discuss specific tools and techniques that your knowledge of the cameras & Pinnacle Studio HD V.15 enabled you to use.

Evaluation Task 2SoftwarePinnacleA majority of our production was edited in Pinnacle Studio HD 15 Videocam IllusionWe originally planned to use the Android app Videocam Illusion to add narrative exposition in the showing of the couple before the kidnapping. However, we decided against this and instead opted to use a series of flashbacks to establish a dual temporal perspective; Three may have proven too confusing for the audience.Windows Live Movie MakerThis is with the exception of windows Live Movie Maker, which was used to edit the YouTube clip used for our animated subsidiary logo

HardwareVideo cameraThe use of a video camera with flash card storage allowed an easier transfer-and review-of footage. Camera phone A camera phone allowed the use of in-camera effects to create a home movie feel without the need for Pinnacle effects. This had the added advantage that we didnt have to wait quite as long for the effects to render.

TripodWhen it came to re-filming a couple of shots, we didnt have access to schools tripod. To rectify this, we used my own. However, this also had a fairly limited height, which was required for our new establishing shot.

Bedding boxThe only solution to the problem was to use a bedding box to add just short of an extra metre to the height of the tripod.

Jump CutsThe lengths of certain shots were cut to a fraction of a second in order to represent flashbacks. A black and white filter was also used to reinforce this.

Several of these were placed together a series of jump cuts, creating a sense of distress and disruption.

Filters We also used a filter within Magic Bullet in Pinnacle to give the trailer a depressed feel, reflecting the content of the film. We then adjusted it with the saturation tool.

Construction of production company logoWe used a variety of software in order to create our subsidiary logoAs we didnt have access to a blank-firing gun that was required in order to convey a sense of action, we had to find a suitable clip on YouTube.

Once found, it was downloaded with the use of Realplayer.

It was then exported in high definition in order to match the shots we had already filmed and uploaded to Dropbox to then be edited in Pinnacle

Once uploaded, it was spliced every 12 frames and some were deleted at random in order to produce jump cuts. A filter was then added in Magic Bullet and adjustments were made in Chroma Keyer. Finally, the Movie Trailer Complete motion title was added.

Sound effects were added from Soundbible.com, as the sound from the actual clip wasn't what we required. Due to some videos being blocked due to use of an educational filter, this research was done at home and the clip was reduced to a couple of seconds in Windows Live Movie Maker.

It was then exported in high definition in order to match the shots we had already filmed and uploaded to Dropbox to then be edited n Pinnacle

For the research of thriller conventions to flaunt and follow, we used IMDB. In particular, we used a list of the top 100 thrillers on the website.

We also viewed a number of student productions on Vimeo

Production of soundtrackDue to the lyrics in our choice of song proving a distraction in our production, an instrumental was instead recorded, with the use of:

Cubase Fender Jazz bassYamaha THR-10 amplifier/audio interface

Aria TA-Classic guitar Twitter We posted a Vimeo link on Twitter, but unfortunately nobody gave us any constructive feedback; we just had a couple of retweets.


The use of tools allowed us to effectively manipulate our chosen still and text. For example, the blur tool was used to create an ethereal, enigmatic feel to the title.

wIXWix enabled us to easily create our website, through the use of pre-made templates. These were then altered slightly to match the aesthetics of our poster and the mood of our production; we used dark colours and the same fonts.

DafontAs the fonts available in Photoshop werent on Wix, we instead used a similar font available ondafont.com