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  • 1. How effective is the Combination of your Main Product and AncillaryTexts?I feel that the combination of our short film with our poster and magazine cover were very effective. I believe this because I know we used successful examples of real media texts to base our ancillary products on.For example, for our magazine cover we used the real film magazine Empire for our template. We took pictures of several different Empire magazines and said what we liked from each one, for example on each magazine we liked how the colour of text connoted a different meaning.For example, here we said that the golden fontrepresented royalty and pride, whereas on ourfront cover we used red because it is a veryconventional colour to do with romance, in thesame way that gold is directly linked to wealthand money.We used a different, darker shade of red forour Headlines because we know fromresearching and from what ideologies we havebeen taught, that dark red is a very passionate,romantic colour. For our poster we use posters from successful films with a similar run to the storysuch as Titanic withthe love triangle andSchindlers List with the one item in colour in a black and white film. We got theidea of our poster from 3 posters of

2. different, but successful films, Schindlers List, Pride and Prejudice and Titanic. Similar to the magazines, we picked things we liked from each one and incorporated it into our own work, to make it look more professional and help it to be more successful.The poster we used for the basic layout was the Pride and Prejudice poster (shown on the left)We particularly liked the way that the banner separated the page to show 2 different images.The body language of the couple was something we felt was really important because we wanted to show they were in love, but we also wanted to shown that there is a twist to the story.We used colours to darken Williams hair in the photograph so it looks like he is hiding in the dark as her dirty secret. However the passionate love can be shown thorough the way she is gazinginto his eyes. The inspiration for this can be seein this Titanic poster: Although in this picture it appears Rose isntvery interested, you can see the difference intheir clothes and you can see she is lookingaway in case anyone sees her, because she isalready engaged, and dating someone of alower class was frowned upon! However, the gentle touching of their headsand hands together shows that there is lovethere, just hidden. We liked the Schindlers list poster because,although there is so much going on in thepictures, your attention is instantly drawn to the only colour on the page, the symbolic red.This is where we got theidea to put our red rose in with theblack and white poster. We felt the idea of the little girl in the red coat on the poster is what made it successful, therefore if we used it, we had more chance of success.