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  • 1. In what ways does your mediaproduct use,developorchallenge forms and conventionsofreal mediaproducts?Film Poster

2. In the beginningI began my research of film posters by firstly addressing the key conventions of a poster. I summarisedthem in five (what I think) are key elements to creating an effective poster. These were the five points - A large title which attracts the eye, unique text that stands out from the background Intriguing picture which would attract viewers to the film, a bold image and interesting image Persuasive language which might persuade the viewers to go and see the film Using the main characters name for promotion, and the certification will ensure that the right type of peopleare watching the film An example of how different types of film (e.g. comedy, horror) poster use these forms and conventions toattract a certain type of person (e.g. teenagers, horror fans) would be a really scary horror film, which will useeerie images in order to appeal to horror fansThese were my aims going into the design process. I felt if I had all these elements evident in my poster, Icouldnt go wrong! 3. Drive (2010) Poster Campaign The first set of film posters I analysed were used for possibly my favourite film (ever!) Drive (2011). I drewinfluence from this set of posters for the action film drive.Set out: The single figures in the image moved me towards the same style, recreating the dominant image was key I felt, to my posters success. The use of the release date supports conventions and I think this is key to a poster.Text: This posters text is very important not only to the film but to the promotion of the production. The font is individual and creates an identity for the film, this is very important as it makes the film easily distinguishable in what is a very saturated market. I have also learnt that the colour of the text is key through researching this poster, the pink contrasts with the background and creates a bold effect. 4. Similarly to the drive poster I have used a large bold image of my main character. Echoing the Drive poster I have put the release date on my poster, this is akey convention of a film poster and I felt it was key to mine too. Unlike the Drive poster I have made mine muchmore evident. It is in bold writing at the top ofthe poster, on its own. I did this as I felt it was essential to the posterMy text draws comparisons to the Drive posters text as it is bold and in about the same position; at thebottom and not covering any key part of the image. I have also picked an unusual font which supportsthe conventions of a poster, this gives the poster an individuality. Although I did I challenged the typicalbright coloured title as I felt it wouldnt have suited my dark, foreboding poster because it would haveadded colour to what I wanted to be dark and haunting. 5. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (2011) Poster Campaign I continued my research and felt particularly drawn to theposter for this detective film, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.Its a brilliant film as well as having a superb advertisingcampaign.Set out: All the text is at the bottom of the page, conforming to conventions. This allows the image to be the focal point of the poster. The image grabs the audiences attention as its intriguing yet clear. The poster also contains studio logos.Text: The text is simple yet bold and eye catching, they havent overcomplicated it which I think is key to success. The designers have used one font for the title and the actors and another for information about the film and the strapline.This poster has taught be to innovative with myimage, not to always used a simple image but change andmake it interesting. It has also shown me keep the textsimple and readable, there is a risk of making your postertoo complicated. 6. I decided to not just use a simple image like the Drive poster but to make the main image moreinteresting and create an interesting element. My image is six images of my main characterlayered over one another, this has created a dark and haunting atmosphere to my poster. Myimage still conforms to typical film poster convention as its a bold eye catching image.Idrewinfluence fromthispostersuseofthestudiologos, Drivesposterdidntcontain anylogos but I feltthis was key asit gave it anauthentic feel.Similarly to the Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy poster my title is at the bottom and stands out fromthe rest of the poster. Although it does not completely conform to the typical convention ofhaving a eye catching coloured title as I felt this would ruin the dark/haunting atmosphere. 7. Safe House (2012) Poster Campaign This poster caught my attention because of the hugeimage, this was the main reasons I decided to use alarge image for my poster. Set out: Nearly all the text is at the bottom ofthe page apart from the strapline. This creates afocus not only on the image but the straplinetoo. The split of images portrays opposingsides, supported by the strapline No one issafe. All in black and white, which I think isvery effective and hope to create somethingsimilar. The use of black and white means thatbold text stands out. Text: Similarly to Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy thetext is white and red standing out against theblack image. Although the text is evident, it isminimal. The designers have kept it simple. Thedate is in a different font to the rest, this meansit stands out against the other parts of the text. 8. Similarly to the Safe House poster, I decided on have a full face image. My main image taking up allof the poster, unlike the Safe House poster where it is split in half. I decided against this as this isused to show division in Safe House but my film is personal and focuses primarily on a singlecharacter. Thisposter influenced my choice of colour (or lack of it) in my poster. The b&w theme is meant to echo the dark tone of the film. The mix of images and layered effect to highlight torment,then emphasised with deep shades and dark tones.This poster made me positive that I needed the dateText at the bottom of the poster and boldand it needed to be evident, not tucked away. I usedbut subtle, both similar as they basicallywhat seems to be the same font used on the Safetake up the same amount on the poster.House poster (Helvetica), this is a generic serif font.They both standout against the B&W image.Although I felt as though mine suited at the topbetter as it stood out but did not distract. 9. Shame (2011) Poster CampaignThis posters screams with metaphors. It fights againsttypical poster conventions; it has no central imageinstead an empty bed with countless interpretations toits representation.Set out: Unlike any other poster I have looked at the title for this film is centered. This poster is able to do this as there is no focal point in the image. This contrasts with typical conventions but works for this poster. Similarly to other poster the rest of the text is at the bottom of the screen.Text: Although the title is understated it is evident. It has been placed in the middle of the poster to create a central focus as there is none from the image. At the bottom, the text has been kept simple with only the directors name in red. This has been done as hes a prestigious director and some viewers would watch his film purely because of this. The awards are also shown at the bottom in white. 10. The text on both posters is white and simplistic. There is nothing complicated about the posters. I decided to copy the Shames posters approach to text as I felt it was effective, especially against dark backgrounds like the two below.Similarly bothposters havetheirproduction/distributioncompanieslined upagainst thebottom of theposter.Both images are uncomplicated but The injection and contrast of colour is evident in both posters.ambiguous. My layered images, create a dark Although different in my poster it is the date that is in a differentatmosphere implying a deeper meaning andcolour but in the Shame poster it is the directors name. I decidedthe Shame poster is completely open toagainst this as Im not a famous director and felt the release dateinterpretations.was vital to the success 11. Followed ConventionsI feel as though my poster has stuck to most of the key conventions that I have identifiedduring my research process. Out of the five I had identified I felt that I successfully had a: A large title which attracts the eye, unique text that stands out from thebackground I felt as though my title stood out, the white contrasts withthe dark image creating a focal point. The text is also unique and I doubtanyone will have seen it before. Intriguing picture which would attract viewers to the film, a bold imageand interesting image I felt as though I definitely ticked this box. I wasextremely pleased with my image used on my poster. Its powerful anddefinitely bold and interesting. An example of how different types of film (e.g. comedy, horror) poster usethese forms and conventions to attract a certain type of person (e.g.teenagers, horror fans) would be a really scary horror film, which will useeerie images in order to appeal to horror fans I feel as though my posterwould attract my audience as its different. My audience as I stated on myblog were people that enjoyed art house/indie films, this poster is differentto most posters and would attract this target market because of its artyperspective. 12. Challenges ConventionsI decided to challenge a few conventions that are usually active in film posters, I did thisas I felt they would over complicate my poster. Ill try to explain my madness below, theconventions that I identified but avoided were: Persuasive language which might persuade the viewers to go and see the film Ididnt want to over complicate this poster as the face in the image takes up nearto all of the picture. I felt if I tried to place a quote on there somewhere is couldtake the focal point away from the strong image. I kept it simple and t