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    Siret-Prut-Nistru Euroregion Association gathers 26 district councils from the 34 of Republic of

    Moldova, except the regions with special status Gagauzia and Transnistria, and 3 county councils

    from Romania (Iai, Prahova and Vaslui) and was established as Romanian juridical person in 2005

    with headquarters in Iai.

    Based on the good relations established in Ukraine, in November 2012, Siret-Prut-Nistru Euroregion

    signed a cooperation agreement with Nistru Euroregion which includes Vinnitsa region (Ukraine) and

    7 districts from the north and north-east border of Republic of Moldova.

    The mission of the Association enrolls in the Convergence Objective of the European Union,

    indicating that it aims, in this case, a cross-border level (with three local administrations from the

    European Union and 26 local administrations from outside the European Union).


    To extend and improve relations between local communities and authorities in economic, cultural, scientific and civic fields with the aim of ensuring sustainable and territorial balanced development of the Euroregion. To respect, protect and guarantee the rights and interests of the administrative-territorial units, members of the Siret-Prut-Nistru Euroregion.

    Activities and projects of the Association cover various fields of interest from economy, infrastructure, environment, tourism, agriculture and rural development, human resource development and social services, to education, informational society and culture, according to the development strategy of local administrations.


    PRESIDENT Mr. Cristian-Mihai ADOMNIEI, President of Iai County Council

    VICE-PRESIDENT Mr. Ilie RU, President of Clrai District

    STEERING COMMITTEE Mr. Dumitru BUZATU, President of Vaslui County Council

    Mr. Lilian POPESCU, President of Ialoveni District

    Mr. Victor SU, President of Soroca District

    Mr. Iurie TOMA, President of Ungheni District

    Mr. Grigore POLICINSCHI, President of Dubsari District


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    IAI County (RO) Represented by Iai County Council President Mr. Cristian-Mihai ADOMNIEI

    PRAHOVA County (RO) Represented by Prahova County Council President Mr. Mircea COSMA

    VASLUI County (RO) Represented by Vaslui County Council President Mr. Dumitru BUZATU

    BLI County (MD) Represented by Bli City Hall Mayor Mr. Vasili PANCIUC

    ANENII NOI District (MD) Represented by Anenii Noi District Council President Mr. Vladimir VZDOAG

    BASARABEASCA District (MD) Represented by Basarabeasca District Council President Mr. Nicolai CHENDIGHELEAN

    CLRAI District (MD) Represented by Clrai District Council President Mr. Ilie RU

    CUENI District (MD) Represented by Cueni District Council President Mr. Ion CIONTOLOI

    CIMILIA District (MD) Represented by Cimilia District Council President Mr. Maxim COLA

    CRIULENI District (MD) Represented by Criuleni District Council President Mr. Vitalie ROTARU

    DROCHIA District (MD) Represented by Drochia District Council President Mr. Andrei MARIAN

    DUBSARI District (MD) Represented by Dubsari District Council President Mr. Grigore POLICINSCHI

    FLETI District (MD) Represented by Fleti District Council President Mr. Valeriu MUDUC

    FLORETI District (MD) Represented by Floreti District Council President Mr. ura PROCOPII

    GLODENI District (MD) Represented by Glodeni District Council President Mr. Valeriu ARIGRADISCHI

    HNCETI District (MD) Represented by Hnceti District Council President Mr. Grigore COBZAC

    IALOVENI District (MD) Represented by Ialoveni District Council President Mr. Lilian POPESCU

    LEOVA District (MD) Represented by Leova District Council President Mrs. Efrosinia GREU

    NISPORENI District (MD) Represented by Nisporeni District Council President Mr. Vasile BTC

    ORHEI District (MD) Represented by Orhei District Council President Mr. Ion TEFR

    REZINA District (MD) Represented by Rezina District Council President Mrs. Eleonora GRAUR

    RCANI District (MD) Represented by Rcani District Council President Mr. Ion PAREA SNGEREI District (MD) Represented by Sngerei District Council President Mr. Gheorghe MEAUN SOROCA District (MD) Represented by Soroca District Council President Mr. Victor SU STRENI District (MD) Represented by Streni District Council President Mr. Petru VOLOCIUC OLDNETI District (MD) Represented by oldneti District Council President Mr. Alexandru RELICHI TEFAN VOD District (MD) Represented by tefan Vod District Council President Mr. Vasile BUZU TELENETI District (MD) Represented by Teleneti District Council President Mr. Boris BURC UNGHENI District (MD) Represented by Ungheni District Council President Mr. Iurie TOMA

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    Ongoing: First edition, 17 18 June 2013, Iasi, Romania

    Organizers: Association Siret-Prut-Nistru Euroregion The Cross-Border Business Forum represents an undoubted manifestation of the mission undertaken by Iasi County Council and the Siret-Prut-Nistru Euroregion to increase the development of cross-border economic relations at the eastern border of the European Union.

    The Cross-Border Business Forum was attended by more than 200 companies from 23 districts belonging to Siret-Prut-Nistru Euroregion that represent the districts of Republic of Moldova, Vinnitsa, Odessa, Cernauti and Ivano-Frankivsk Regions (Ukraine) and from the 6 counties belonging to North-East Region (Romania), (to see companies descriptions please visit our site who had the opportunity to exhibit and present their activity (products) and to interact with each other.

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    The official opening of the Business Forum took place on June 17 and was attended by numerous officials from the three countries. Among the special guests were:

    Mr. Ivan MOVCEAN President of State Administration Vinnitsa; Mr. Serhii TATUSIAK President of Vinnitsa Regional Council; Mr. Mihai GAINICERU President of Cernauti Regional Council; Mr. Peter ROTARI Deputy mayor of Cernauti City; Mr. Razvan RUSU - CEO for Regional Affairs of the Ministry of External Affairs;

    Mr. Cornel IONESCU - Ambassador of Romania in Ukraine;

    Mr. Marius LAZURCA Ambassador of Romania in Republic of Moldova; Mr. Gabriel-Calin ONACA Secretary of State for European Funds; Mr. Mircea COSMA - President of Prahova County Council;

    Mr. Ioan NANI Antibiotice Iasi Manager; Mr. Neculai APOSTOL Kosarom Company Owner; Mr. Vasile ISAN Rector at UAIC Iasi; Mr. Alexey POROSHENKO UKR PRO INVEST Owner; President of the Chambers of Commerce from counties Bacu, Botoani, Iai,

    Vaslui, Cernauti, Ivanov Frankivsk and Vinnitsa; Presidents of the County Councils from Republic of Moldova.

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    Second day of the event was dedicated to big companies and big projects of local government. Were presented large projects supported by Iasi County Council, Administrations from Vinnitsa and Chernivtsi, and Bacau Chamber of Commerce. Also, big companies like Valrom Industries, MPP Ruslana and UKR PRO INVEST (Ukraine) and EximBank, Antibiotice Iasi, Fortus, Hydramold, Brikstone (Romania) presented their interest in cross-border collaboration. The event was a center of interest for the media from Romania and Ukraine. The event was attended by 32 national and local media partners and 40 journalists from auditory, visual and printed media from Ukraine.

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    The Cross-Border Business Forum is an ongoing program which will expand its work in the area of target groups at the level of Central Europe and all the regions of Ukraine.

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    INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC CONFERENCE WITH TOPICS DEDICATED TO SIRET-PRUT-NISTRU EUROREGION Event profile: The first edition took place in 2005. The 2013 edition was dedicated to the role of Euro-regions in sustainable development. Ongoing: June 21, 2013 - Iai, Romnia Organizers: Romanian Academy, Iasi Branch Economic and Social Research Institute Gh. Zane of the Romanian Academy Objectives:

    Assessment of the current state of economic and social development of Siret- Prut-Nistru Euroregion.

    Identifying areas of research and new opportunities of collaboration and cooperation in the most important areas of life and work in the Siret-Prut-Nistru Euroregion.

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    New projects of collaboration between researchers and teachers on both side of the Prut, between administrative and territorial units of the Euroregion and between businessmen.

    Encouraging academics, researchers, postgraduate and doctoral students to contribute in finding solutions for short, medium and long term.

    Presentation of the realities and achievements of other Euroregions recognized for experience and success in program implementation.

    Structuring, funding, testing and application of new mathematical models and development strategies of Siret-Prut-Nistru Euroregion in conditions of risk and uncertainty.

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    CROSS-BORDER COOPERATION AND EUROPEAN INTEGRATION FORUM Ongoing: First edition - August 27, 2013 - Ungheni, Republic of Moldova Organizers: Association Siret-Prut-Nistru Euroregion With participation of their Excellency's Mr. Victor Ponta, Prime-Minister of the Government of Romania,