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Neart na Mara. Europe’s Energy Exporter. s ource EWEA. Our Offshore Wind Resources. Over 1000 TWh pa for ‘near shore’ offshore wind This is 30 times Irish electricity consumption Estimates based on Govt and EU reports Increase when “deep offshore” included - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Energy in Ireland

Europes Energy Exporter

Neart na Mara

source EWEAOur Offshore Wind ResourcesOver 1000 TWh pa for near shore offshore wind

This is 30 times Irish electricity consumption

Estimates based on Govt and EU reports

Increase when deep offshore included

Floating turbines add to the estimates

Low Cost ProducerIreland has comparative advantage in wind

High wind speeds and good availability

Give us the highest capacity factor in EU, and Make Ireland the lowest cost producer in EU

The Near MarketConsists of the UK plus:GermanyFranceBeneluxNorthern Italy

All within radius of 2,000 km of IrelandDistance to MarketDistance to market not a technical problemDue to High Voltage Direct Current technologyHVDC can transmit with minimal power lossesOver long distancesThat means Ireland can export competitivelyInto the heart of the Near Market

HVDC technologySupergridEU planning a SupergridIt will join national electricity marketsAnd exploit offshore wind in Northern SeasPlus solar power in Mediterranean basinIreland working on Celtic Grid for Irish SeaThe Supergrid

EU DevelopmentsDenmark has at times exceeded 100% green electricityWorld leader in offshore windUK plans 33 GW of Offshore Wind by 2020Including 2 GW in Irish SeaGermany plans 6 GW in North SeaOffshore wind is currently deployable at scale

LocationNear shore mainly located in Irish SeaGood wind speeds and availabilityArklow Banks experience most encouragingBiggest resource in Atlantic - some near shoreBut most outside current technology range

Deep OffshoreAtlantic wind speeds and availability are highNew technology needed to exploitSuch as floating turbinesLikely to come on stream circa 2025Will increase our resources by a multiple

Hywind conceptTimingPhase One will take ten years up to 2020Installing the first 2 GWPhase Two will take fifteen years up to 2035Focussed on building 1 GW pa 15 GW in totalPhase Three starts around 2035 at 2 GW paTarget of about 50 GW in total by 2050

2 GW Exports: Basic Stats Electricity generated pa 6 TWhAnnual Revenue 1.0 bnProject Revenue (20 yrs) 20 bn Permanent Jobs (O&M) 600Construction jobs 6,000Supply Chain 5,000Total jobs11,600The 2050 Vision for Ireland50 GW offshore installed capacityElectricity exported 155 TWh/yrNear Market Share 2-3%Share of total EU market1.5-2% Annual export earnings 10-20 bnTotal permanent jobs 300,000

AmbitionBecome one of Europes largest energy exporters

By exploiting the potential of the sea

Offshore wind, wave and tidal

And using the latest technology to sell power into

A Single European Electricity Market

North Sea Countries Offshore Grid Initiative. Dec 2009Ireland, UK, Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark, Sweden, Norway

Multilateral collaborationCommon VisionCo-ordinating offshore infrastructureMemorandum of understanding end 2010 Strategic Energy Technology Plan March 2008 British Irish CouncilMeeting 22nd March 2010

Exchange info on grid research and development

Approaches to regulation and planning consenting

Influence EU policy and funding


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