Europeana Newspapers (Project Details and Aggregation Workflow)

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<ul><li>1.Search and Browse Europes Historical Newspapers: The Europeana Newspapers Content BrowserConnecting knowledgeAlena Fedasenka, Markus Muhr, Elizabeth Joss, Anastasia Gasia, Alastair DunningProject DetailsNewspapers Content Browser Search within full-text and image viewer Allowing the search and browsing of historic newspapers and putting them within everyones reach A three-year project from February 2012 to January 2015Search by newspaperSearch within full-text and refine your searchExplore other search results within a particular issueNavigate to providers image server Funded under the European Commissions CIP 2007 2013 ProgrammeSearch full-textSearch newspaper titlesNewspaper page links to providerNavigate to newspaper issue by date Aggregating 18 million historic newspaper pages for Europeana and The European Library Converting 10 million newspaper pages to fulltext, helping users quickly search for specific articles, people and destinations mentioned within the newspaperNewspaper Issue Page:Newspaper Results Page: Search within full-text panel or image viewer Find a specific word/article and view its corresponding image Search within the newspaper image and navigate to the highlighted full-text section. Building a special content viewer to improve online newspaper browsing Building tools for professionals, which will better assess the quality of newspaper digitization in relation to levels of detail, speed and costs. Search by newspaper title or within newspaper content Refine your search, filter results, obtain search suggestions etc.Newspaper Main Page:Newspaper Gallery:Newspaper Viewer: Explore historical newspapers by various filters, for example, title, date, provider, language, popularity, country etc. Navigate to newspaper record page to search for available issue dates and other newspaper publication details Specific browsing tools available, for example, zooming, navigating etc. Leaf through newspapers by page number and issue dateNewspapers Aggregation WorkflowProject Innovations Dynamic image retrieval from partner librariesHarvest MetadataXSLT TransformationsStoring MetadataCopy/TransformMETS/ALTO Enrichments Named Entity extractionPartners serversExternal image serverDB DBDB DB ServerEnrichment &amp; Format Normalization Searching across named national boundariesMetadata Repository EnrichTEL IIP image serverIndexFull-text Repository What was a published on a single day an international perspectiveLearn More Our Newspaper content browser will launch in early 2014. For the latest information check our websites and follow us on Twitter: @eurnewsHard Discs from UIBK/ CCSThis project runs from February 2012 to February 2015. It is led by the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin and co-funded by the European Commission under the Competitiveness and Innovation framework Programme. Fulltext Index IndexPartners providing digitized content</li></ul>