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  • Europeana DSIAntoine IsaacLT-Accelerate Conference 2014Brussels, December 5

  • Europes platform to access cultural heritageCurrently36M objects

  • Built on descriptive metadatafrom a broad, heterogeneous networkAudiovisual collectionsNational AggregatorsRegional AggregatorsArchivesThematic collectionsLibrariesMuses Lausannois

    The European LibraryAPEXEuropean Film GatewayEuropeana Fashion2,300 galleries, museums, archives and libraries

  • More than this

  • We believe Culture transforms lives

  • We are a community of > 2500 members who contribute data, technology, knowledge and business opportunities

    A network of cultural innovators

  • Multi-sided platform

  • Facilitating re-use on the legal side

    Some ideas of the work ahead

    Enumerate report

    Language technology challenges

  • Trans-European services come with Europe-scale challengestop 16Items from 36 countriesMetadata in 33 languagesPortal in 31 languages

  • Availability of language technology for re-useTools to serve end users and data re-users

  • Thank you!

    Antoine [email protected]@EuropeanaEUSome images by Elco van Staveren, Denkschets

    *Les Miserables: Victor Hugos handwritten manuscripts:, public domainMatisse 53 in the form of a double helix The Wellcome Library (CC-BY-NC-ND)sprtnc Hungarian traditional dance Academy of Sciences Institute for Musicology, public domainNeurologico reggae Music album EuropeanaConnect Paid Access

    Castle of Kavala 3D exploration of a Greek castle and Educational Technology Institute - Research Centre Athen CARARE CC-BY-NC-ND

    *All partners send us descriptions of their assets, which we aggregate in a single service*Germany 15.44%France 10.97%Netherlands 9.67%Sweden 9.44%Spain 9.98%UK 6.98%Norway 6.60%Italy 5.4%Ireland 4.04%Poland 4.02%Europe 3.95%Finland 2.95%Austria 2.05%Belgium 1.61%Hungary 1.26%