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  • EURAXESS Cares about Researchers Communications Toolkit Researchers
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  • 1.What is EURAXESS? 2.Why should you get involved and why is EURAXESS for you? 3.What else can EURAXESS offer 4.How can we help you? 5.Case study of local activity and a success story 6.Who to contact?
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  • What is EURAXESS? EURAXESS is a unique initiative, launched by the European Commission (European Union) to promote Research careers and facilitate the mobility of Researchers across Europe. The initiative was created to stimulate, protect and nurture the European Research and Innovation environment, providing the Research community with access to improved career and social development. 1
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  • What is EURAXESS? 1 EURAXESS is a one-stop-shop for the development of your career in Europe with the support of a network of people to assist you! EURAXESS cares about Researchers!
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  • Why should you get involved and why is EURAXESS for you? 2 EURAXESS enhances your career as a Researcher in Europe by providing you with: Job opportunities across Europe Integrated mobility services that will make your move to another country as smooth as possible Rights and obligations for you and your employer Personalised assistance with people dedicated to help you All services are for free!
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  • If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then EURAXESS is there to help you. Are you a young Researcher looking to start your career ? Would you like to see what opportunities there are for you in another European country ? Do you know your specific rights as a Researcher ? Are you in another country looking to bring your family over ? Are you looking for a new Research position ? Are you moving to another country and need support with housing, language, local social security, taxes, etc ? Why should you get involved and why is EURAXESS for you? 2
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  • 2 EURAXESS develops its activities under the following 4 key initiatives: Offers you a network of over 500 people in 36 countries to assist you Looks after your rights as a Researcher Connects European Researchers worldwide Helps you to find jobs, funding opportunities, grants, employment, etc.
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  • Why should you get involved and why is EURAXESS for you? 2
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  • 2 EURAXESS Jobs Our job opportunities are growing every day and we are developing to become THE reference in Research recruitment Job and funding opportunities world wide, cover a vast array of Research fields ranging from Neurosciences to IT Via our website you can post your CV to the attention of potential employers across Europe and beyond (Europass format) EURAXESS Jobs is completely free of charge! Over 50 000 Researchers have registered and over 16 000 CVs are available on-line
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  • Why should you get involved and why is EURAXESS for you? 2 EURAXESS Jobs Over 5 000 research organisations, companies, universities and SMEs are registered on EURAXESS. Make your CV available, as these potential employers browse the CVs to find the best research talent to fill their positions A total of almost 5 000 vacancies from 30 different countries were published in 2009! Post your CV, find a job for you and help your friends in finding a job! Be in! Be posted!
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  • Why should you get involved and why is EURAXESS for you? 2
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  • 2
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  • 2 EURAXESS Services offers practical information that make your life easier as a Researcher: administrative issues legal issues Help for you and your family when moving from one country to another personalised assistance from a network of 500 people spread in 200 offices across Europe
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  • Why should you get involved and why is EURAXESS for you? 2 EURAXESS Services You can get advice on topics such as: e.g. Visa formalities e.g. Taxation e.g. Health/ Medical care e.g. Accommodation Legal queries Financial queries Administrative queries Everyday queries
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  • Why should you get involved and why is EURAXESS for you? 2
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  • 2 EURAXESS Rights The European Union puts a high priority to your rights and obligations as a Researcher. The European Union focuses on fair equal treatment for social security, pensions, and other rights for you as a Researcher. More than 100 organisations representing almost 1 000 institutions from 30 European and non-European countries are part of EURAXESS Rights Look for the Human Resources Excellence in Research logo on the employers website or question employers about it!
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  • Why should you get involved and why is EURAXESS for you? 2 EURAXESS Rights Your rights as a professional are recognised and enhanced Your mobility experience is valued Your work-life balance is respected You join a truly pan-European network consisting of Research organisations and Researchers
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  • Why should you get involved and why is EURAXESS for you? 2 EURAXESS Links EURAXESS Links is a networking tool for European Researchers working outside Europe. It exists in: USA Japan China India and Singapore are coming soon In addition to organising events, EURAXESS Links provide information about Research in Europe, European Research policy, opportunities for Research funding, for international collaboration and for trans-national mobility. Membership is free. Stay in touch with Europeans and Europe even when you are abroad!
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  • EURAXESS boosts your Research career development irrespective of the stage you are in! Researchers just starting a career: finding a job finding funding opportunities information on how it is to live in another country help you and your family with your move help you connect with other Researchers Experienced Researchers: posting job vacancies find a good candidate to help you with your work find funding for your projects understand better your rights What else can EURAXESS offer 3
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  • EURAXESS is innovative because: It cares about you and your life as a Researcher Is a one-stop-shop for you with information from across Europe about jobs, funding, housing, social security and other relevant issues Is completely FREE of charge Is independent, acting with the sole purpose of contributing to the development of Research in Europe and therefore put its services at your disposal without any kind of obligations Helps you to be part of the Researchers community Gives you the possibility to be part of a European Network that cares about Researchers and looks after its interests without any obligations In 2009 EURAXESS had a total of 290 437 unique visitors on the website and a total of 3.4 million page views!! What else can EURAXESS offer 3
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  • How can we help you? 4 EURAXESS - a network of people at your service with representatives located in more than 200 centres across Europe ready to welcome you
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  • Visit our European website at and the website at Subscribe to our newsletter Find Facebook pages for Estonia, Serbia, Czech Republic, Romania and Lithuania where you can interact with other EURAXESS fans!! How can we help you? 4
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  • Case study of local activity and success stories 5 Local activity EURAXESS Services has been also active in organising networking events where Researchers get to meet each other and feel at home when living in a new country: Researchers Night with pub quizzes, cultural events such as boat rides in the Czech Republic, mushroom picking in Norway, etc.
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  • Case study of local activity and success story 5 Oksana from Ukraine: In 2008, Oksana moved from Ukraine to Czech Republic with her husband to pursue her PhD in Medicine at the Institute of the Experimental Medicine of the Academy of Sciences. However, her lack of information on the necessary visa formalities for travelling within the EU ended in turmoil while simply hoping to return to her two-year old daughter for Christmas in the Ukraine. "Moving to a new place is always quite challenging, especially when you move to another country. Besides such basic things as to get used to a new way of life in a new society you face lots of paper formalities which complicate your life greatly, especially at the beginning and without knowing a language. That is why it is extremely helpful for a foreigner to receive some assistance and professional advice, which we have found in the EURAXESS Services Centre. It is very difficult to overestimate the support we received. I would like to thank one more time the EURAXESS team for giving me a helping hand and being there for me when the times were so difficult."
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  • Who to contact 6 EURAXESS National Service Centres :
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  • EURAXESS Services Local Contact Point A total of 56 000 Researchers were assisted by the EURAXESS Services Centres in 2009, finding solutions for over 108 000 problems and questions like for e.g. on visa and entry conditions, funding opportunities, schools, accommodation, legal problems, social security... How can we help you? 4
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  • Thank you! and
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