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Download Eukaryotic Life Cycles BIOL 1407. Life Cycles Asexual Reproduction Sexual Reproduction –Gametic meiosis –Zygotic meiosis –Alternation of Generations

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  • Eukaryotic Life CyclesBIOL 1407

  • Life CyclesAsexual ReproductionSexual ReproductionGametic meiosisZygotic meiosisAlternation of Generations

  • Asexual ReproductionWatch Video #4, binary fission in Paramecium Credit: Courtesy of Richard Allen @

  • Gametic MeiosisDiploid multicellular organismProduces gametes by meiosisGametes = only haploid stage

  • Gametic MeiosisGametes always fuse to form zygoteZygote grows into diploid multicellular organism

  • Zygotic MeiosisHaploid multicellular organismProduces gametes by mitosisGametes always fuse to form zygote

  • Zygotic MeiosisZygote meiosis haploid spores Zygote = only diploid stageSpores grow into haploid multicellular organisms

  • Alternation of GenerationsTwo generations:Multicellular haploid organismMulticellular diploid organismLife cycle alternates between the two

  • Alternation of GenerationsMulticellular diploid organismProduces haploid spores by meiosis

  • Alternation of GenerationsSpores grow into haploid multicellular organismsHaploid multicellular organism produces gametes by mitosis

  • Alternation of GenerationsGametes always fuse to form zygote Zygote grows into diploid multicellular organism

  • Question: Which Type?

  • The EndUnless otherwise specified, all images in this presentation came from:Campbell, et al. 2008. Biology, 8th ed. Pearson Benjamin Cummings.


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