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Etymology Review Game!. Created by: Regina Rubalcava. Mini Review!. Circum- Ad-{ac, af, ag, al, an, am, ap, ar, as} a round, about to toward, near, very - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Etymology Review Game!

Etymology Review Game!Created by: Regina Rubalcava

Mini Review!

Circum- Ad-{ac, af, ag, al, an, am, ap, ar, as}around, about to toward, near, veryVoc, Vok- Dic, Dicat voice, call proclaim, set apartCord- Digit-Heart finger, toeSon- Carn-Sound fleshOcul- Tang,ting,tag,tig,tactEye touchFing,Fig,Fict- Sci-Form, shape, invent, imagine knowWhich etymology word?Great, large= Across,beyond,through= See=Magn trans,tra vid,vis Foot= Beyond excessively= Speake= ped ultra fa,fat,fess Word= Lead= Silent= verb duc, duct tac,tic Ear= Head= Take= aur capit, cipit cap,cip,capt,cept,[ceive,ceipt] Feel, Be aware= Language= Chatter, talk= sens,sent lingu garrul Secretly, Beneath= Truth= Good,well= subter ver ben,bene Tooth= Hear= Speak= dent aud,audit loqo,locut

Give an everyday etymology example!Give an example forGer,gest Sol,soli virtuDigest solo virtualTeg,tect Vor Divid,DivisProtect carnivore dividendRetro Omni MalRetrospect omnivore malpracticeSpec,spic,spect MultiSpectacular multiplyPalp PauciPalpable paucityLoc,locat BrevLocation abbreviate

Match definitions to correct wordSimil,simul Shrewd, wise A,ab,abs, Taste, discern, be wiseAmbi Judgment, accusation, crimeAnte Do, make, causeDis[dif,di] HandManu BeforeMand,Mend BodyCorpor Apart, in different directionsSanguin, Sagui Together, likeness, pretense Fac,fact,fect,-fic,-fy Both, AroundCrim,Crimin Put in the hands of, entrust, orderSap,sip BloodCern,cert,cret from, awaySag Sift, separate, distinguish, decide