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Presentation from the International Congress of the Royal College of Psychiatrists 24-27 June 2014, London


  • 1. ETRI Earthquake Trauma Relief Initiative Dr Mohammad Akmal Makhdum MBBS CAvMed DPM Cert Legal St CGT MRCPsych CBANIBS(Harvard) Founder (First Chair) BPPA Hon Fellow, University Campus Suffolk Visiting Faculty AAA University (Ca)
  • 2. Earthquake BPPAs efforts Raising funds for victims For tangible and psychological work Tangible Houses in winter (90) Funding 1000 artificial limbs Coordinating with Pak HC in London
  • 3. ETRI Self help Local training Local management Local resource Rehabilitating & new identity On going work- 2 years
  • 4. ETRI 7 FSW Trained in basic trauma relief Supportive strategies Empathic listening 5 in Bagh 2 in Rawlakot
  • 5. ETRI Pak Armed Forces- monitoring & managing Advisor in Psychiatry Approved by Surgeon General Repots received from FSWs monthly Re-training and review Manual in English (now in Urdu)
  • 6. 4 Years 4 years of work by FSWs New set of community workers 20 women & children seen per week by each of 7 FSWs Records & feedback received Locally developed, culturally sensitive, affectee assistance by the affected Women only service delivered
  • 7. No Dramas Noting published-deliberately No accolades can be derived-massive material-cases-case studies No congratulations-actually distressing! More work needed-More funds needed Affectees/Affected are still there Unique culture! Cannot impose a western model on it! 7 thousand year old culture-Dignity-Honor
  • 8. Minutes of First BPPA Executive after December 2005 EQ-Review and progress of ETRI reported to Executive Committee BPPA BRITISH PAKISTANI PSYCHIATRISTS ASSOCIATION Minutes of Executive meeting 21 January 2006 Dorothy Pattison Hospital Walsall Present: Dr Mateen Durrani, Dr Akmal Makhdum (Chair), Dr Khalid Saeed, Dr Ishaq Khalid, Dr Iqbal Naeem Apologies: Dr Shahid Qureshi, Dr Sohail Qureshi, Dr Ikram Durrani Minutes of last meeting: Approved as the correct record ETRI Programme: Update given by the chair: agreements with Pak Armed Forces and NCHD in place, in principle. Modus operandi agreed and relative org(s) in full agreement. ETRI to employ FSWs ( Family support workers) and pay them. Monitoring by local org(s). A three year project. ETRI Training: Two successful workshops held. Third workshop to be in London. Others in Ipswich. Venue booked. Future fund Raising: Charity dinner to be organised in collaboration with the Pakistan High commission and other Pakistani organisations. BPPF ( British Pakistani Psychiatrists Foundation): Chair suggested that to ensure continuity and consistency in our EQ projects, we should work through BPPF, without fear of changes by any changing circumstances. These funds were gathered for EQ and must be used for that purpose, esp. ETRI, for which these funds were given to us by our members and others, on our appeal. It was a great trust and could not be taken chances with or taken lightly. It was unanimously agreed that Funds are ring fenced. To be allocated 50:50 towards psychological and physical rehabilitation. Parts of physical relief have already been spent and now we must focus on psychological relief that is our speciality. This was approved unanimously. Ishaq Khalid to put this matter into action and finalise by April 2006. BPPA Elections: According to the constitution in August 2006. Handover to be done on 25th November 2006 at the next BPPA conference. A Great Partnership 2nd Conference: 9 September Venue to be confirmed. BPPA to chair, SLPA to co-chair. If 50% members present, to have AGM there. First ABPPA (All British Pakistani Physicians Association) National Conference: 13 May 2006 ( provisional date) in London. Venue to be confirmed. Agha Khan Foundation co-hosting. BPPA will chair the ABBPA from May for 2 years BPPA Annual Conference: 25/26 November in London. 5000 sponsorship offered by Medaid AOB: Secretary confirmed that BPPA has paid 2000 towards an Ambulance purchased by Hilal-e-Ahmer in Rawalpindi. Also 10000 paid towards building winterised houses in Bagh and Balakot through Aghas Charity foundation Trust. Dr Iqbal Naeem to organise a regional conference in Midland this summer Treasurer to open a separate BPPF account and put account details on the website. Date of Next meeting: At the next regional meeting to be arranged by Dr Iqbal Naeem in Midland or at ABBPA meeting in May 2006
  • 9. Womens Centre Rawla Kot
  • 10. Sales/marketing Man & Board
  • 11. Product: Childrens Clothing
  • 12. Product: Adult Clothing
  • 13. EQ Affected Women at Their Centre
  • 14. IMHS Report Dear Dr Akmal Following is the current status of the work being done by IMHS in Rawlakot, AJK. Building for sewing centre hired by IMHS with ETRI funds in February 2009. IMHS provided 20 sewing machines and the Centre started its operations in February 2009. Since then, more then 27 girls have been regularly attending classes at the Centre where sewing related education is imparted to them thus preparing them to earn a livelihood. The attendance at the Centre drops in the severe winter months. The girls find it difficult to attend due to heavy snowfall and because if non-availability of transportation since some of them attend from remote and far-flung areas. Majority of the students are very poor. Their socioeconomic condition does not allow them to afford transportation. Some of them are even deprived of basic necessities like food on a regular basis. IMHS is restrained in the help it can provide them due to lack of funding. Despite having a very limited budget from ETRI funding, IMHS is affording monthly rent for the Centre premises, monthly instructors' salary, electricity bill, slight refreshments including tea/biscuits for the students as well as the necessary sewing related materials like threads, needles, cloth, etc. Best regards, Khalid Malik President IMHS

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