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<p>Why did we pick The Sugarhouse as a service?- Frequently used service - A large proportion of students use the service weekly - Wide range of user experiencesEthnography Project</p> <p>analyse the varied user experiences of The Sugarhouse to gain an understanding of front and back stage processes consider further developments within marketing and brandingWe aim to:</p> <p>MethodologiesCamera journalShadowingTry it yourselfFive whys</p> <p>Range of users:People who are soberVisitorsPeople with impairmentsStaff</p> <p>SoberSugar bus was safe and effectiveUnpleasant queuing experienceEnjoys the choice of rooms - however poor music diversityInconsistency of drinks prices </p> <p>Visitors- Maddie Hall and Erin Harvey- Thought the Sugar Bus was a unique service- Enjoyed events- More Sugar Bus times should be available </p> <p>People with impairments InterviewChris Hall - broken leg and in brace Aerin Vaughan - broken armTry it yourself methodology - arm in a slingShadowing</p> <p>Staff- Bar staff and Bouncers- Poor cloakroom service, but now improved- DJ Matthews needs to leave- Better music would make job more bearable</p> <p>Comparison</p> <p>User MotivationsLarge proportions of customers are from Lancaster University - The Sugarhouse relies on this influxSense of security because it is ran by LUSUChoice of roomsFree Transport </p> <p>New marketing and branding directionThe Sugarhouse need to address their repetitive playlist by increasing the number of alternative genre nights A place to suggest music/events on their Facebook pageRegular meetings with FTOs/VP of JCRs in order to ensure their market offering is aligned with student demand</p> <p>Impact of our new concept and service developmentA more sociable environment would allow for an increased influx of varied usersIntegration with other universities could induce a more accurate outlook on our university and could ensure a higher increase in prospective studentsShould The Sugarhouse conduct more market research it would result in a more in depth understanding of their customer needs</p> <p>ReferencesSugar House. (2015). Matt Edmondson . Available:;theater. Last accessed 8th March 2015.Sugar House . (2015). Matt Edmondson . Available:;oe=558998BC&amp;__gda__=1435130376_fe9ea866329e5150. Last accessed 8th March 2015.Online Chart Tool. (2008). Radar Chart. Available: Last accessed 6th March 2015.Survey Monkey. (1999-2015). Market Research. Available:;utm_medium=ppc&amp;utm_term=survey%20monkey&amp;utm_network=g&amp;utm_campaign=e&amp;source=SearchNetwork&amp;placement=&amp;cmpid=brand&amp;mkwid=sfib2mnCE_dc&amp;pc. Last accessed 5th March 2015.</p>