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<ul><li> 1. Ethnic Groups, Conflicts, and Issues Professor Alana L. Jolley</li></ul> <p> 2. Ethnic Groups are Social Groups Bound Together By Ethnicity Language Culture Religion Traditions History 3. Conflict: Expulsion of Muslims, Jews From Spain15th Century Spanish/Catholic Inquisition 4. Conflict: Expulsion of Jews Hungary/Germany 1933-45 5. Conflict: Expulsion of Hutus by Tutsis, Rwanda, Africa 1994800,000 people killed 6. Conflict: Ethnic Cleansing by Serbs of Kosovar Albanians - 1999Towns burned, 100s of Mass Graves 7. Ethnic Groups and Cultural Issues Geography lands confiscated Intermarriage endogamy, exogamy Independence autonomy Assimilation problematic in States Acculturation forced or voluntary Language loss - education Enculturation culture rights, human rights 8. Ethnic Groups of Central Asia 9. Ethnic Groups of China 10. Ethnic Groups of Middle East 11. Ethnic Groups of Sub-Saharan Africa 12. Ethnic Groups of Europe 13. Ethnic Groups of South America 14. Ethnic Groups and the Future Cultural Solutions: Multiculturalism: public policies needed Development: a form of pluralism Toleration needed Interdependence, not Separatism Local control in a democratic State Acculturation: basic assimilation </p>