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Ethnic Biological Weapons 2: Latino Slaves After Black Genocide[5/28/2014 1:51:54 PM]Silent Sound MindControlExplainedAquino- NSA DevilWorshiper Long RangeTakeover & SatelliteMicrowave MindControlRecent Posts Ethnic BiologicalWeapons 2: Latino Slaves After Black GenocidePosted on March 20, 2013Race Specific BiologicalWeapons, or Ethnic Weapons, are biologicalweapons thattargetonly one specific race ofman. This is Part2 ofmy series about New World Order plans forGenocides via Ethnic BiologicalWeapons, aka Population Control.This post is about whatI told my Spanish Cobra compaero in 1997 about the genocideplotto killallthe blacks on the planetwith a race specific biologicalweapon, and howLatinos fitinto thatplot. This willalso touch on some currentLatino concerns. In otherwords, I'm going to explain why the Latino community should be concerned about thesegenocide by biologicalweapon plots.In 1997-98, my Cobra compaero did talk to others about whatI told him about this plottogenocide away allthe blacks on the planet, and atleastone person asked me about it. Buteveryone thoughtit was bullshit thatthere could be a biologicalweapon thatwillkillonlyone race ofpeople, and they though it was bullshit thatthere was a long range Communistand Satanic takeover ofthe United States and world in progress. FYI, Un-OfficialHistory ofthe Long Range TakeoverofAmerica Part3:Key U.S. Anti -Communism 1920's thru 1950's.Part1 ofmy series about Ethnic Weapons, Planned Race Specific BiologicalWeapons:November1970 Military Review - Ethnic Weapons Article, is based on a November1970Military Review article. That Ethnic Weapons article tells us thatthese Race SpecificBiologicalWeapons are quite possible, and not only were these weapons being consideredby the military, but work was already being done towards development ofsaid weapons. Notjustby the United States military either.There are some videos on YouTube where people say thatthe New World Order hasdeveloped race specific biologicalweapons. The 1970 Military Review " Ethnic Weapons"article gives proof thatrace specific biologicalweapons are completely possible and havebeen worked on since atleast1970.In Chicago Spanish Cobras:Confirm Police Stalking Of Me 1996-98 & Kill Some NWO, Idisclosed the factthatI told my very close Cobra compaero about thatplotin 1997, as wellas The Missing Crown ofLiechtenstein and The Witch. This is an excerpt from thatpost:(1) I told Pablo about The Witch, (the NSA DevilWorshiperwho did mind controlexperiments in Lake County);and I talked about the brainwashing thatshe had done tome in 1982. Id only justremembered it in 1995, after my memory was triggered.I also spoke ofThe Bulgarian, who was actually a triple agent who did whathe couldto sabotage the brainwashing. Read 1982 MKULTRA Brainwashing Details & MySighting ofLiechtenstein Missing Crown.(2) I told Pablo thatthere is a Communist long range takeover plan, and I told himseveralthings, including the plan to create a biologicalweapon thatwillkillonly blackpeople.Ive said severaltimes thatCommunists promised some White SupremacistgroupsRSS Mobile Menu Mind Control Liechtenstein Missing Crown Anti-NWO Blog Videos Takeover History Site SearchDocumentation of Microwave Hearing& Mind Control- March 2, 2014February 2014 Organized StalkingStatus- February 10, 2014The Greatest Sinner Christmas Story- December 24, 2013Exposure of NWO Racial Plots Is NotTo Help People Line Up Against EachOther- October 17, 2013ACOSO ORGANIZADO:INFORMACIN PARA LASPERSONAS PARA QUIENES ESTECRIMEN ES UN TEMA NUEVO(E. White pdf)Ethnic Biological Weapons 2: Latino Slaves After Black Genocide[5/28/2014 1:51:54 PM]Linksthatthey would develop a biologicalweapon to killonly black people, in exchange forassistance. I also said the Communists wouldnt release thatweapon untilthey hadbiologicalweapons tailored for every race ofMan.(3) I also told Pablo thatthe Communists wanted to use the Mexican people asslaves, because the Communists had decided thatblacks would not make good slaves.This is something thatscared my Cobra friend, he asked me why to the followingstatement, and I did not hesitate to give him the answerand more than he wanted to know.(3)" I also told Pablo that the Communists wanted to use theMexican people as slaves, because the Communists had decided thatblacks would notmake good slaves."I told my friend Pablo thatthe reason for this is thatthe Communists had concluded thatblacks wouldn'tmake good slaves because they are too lazy and too dirty. Mexicans andother Latinos would make better slaves, and they would more readily submitto slaveryunder the threatofgenocide by biologicalweapon. Allthe Latinos on the planetwould beheld hostage by thatthreat, according to The Bulgarian. Another goalwas to eliminate black genes from the Latino slaves.That's whatThe Bulgarian told me, thatthe Communists sold the black genocide andLatino slaves plotthatway, in addition to justappealing to racist groups with the promise ofracialobliteration ofblacks, and they also had further plans thatthe supremacists were nottold about. The realpowerbehind this NWO aspect plans to have a race specific biologicalweapon designed for each and every breed ofman.Regarding redistribution of the land when the New World Ordercompletes that stage of their plans, the concept of a re map of the U.S.after takeover is notnew either.Of those re maps which have been spoken ofpublicly, there are merely differences in thelines thatare drawn and whatwas promised because each group thatwas on thatlevelhada specialmap and plan justfor them from the Communists. Which each group believes hasthem being castas the new elite overlords oftheir own sections ofNew America. Onlyselectgroups were privy to genocide plots, the same with re maps ofthe U.S. Watch thesetwo testimonials from a 1982 documentary about long range Communist takeoveroperations, Communist NWO Mass MurderPlans For U.S. Larry Grathwohl1982 and NWOCook County Hispanic WomanTargeted With Acoustic HeterodyneWeapon- September 25, 2013Pursued by Interstate Stalkers Again2013- September 16, 2013Resolved Targeting of MyUnemployment Funds- September 6, 2013Conspiracy Surfaces - Update ToTargeting of My Unemployment Funds- September 5, 2013Assaulted by Evil Landlord's Evil Son- August 31, 2013Targeting of My Unemployment Funds- August 28, 2013Targeting Citizens With DEWs- August 26, 2013Health Insurance & Finances Targetedby NSA- J uly 23, 2013XBox One Kinect Backdoor For NSASpying- J uly 22, 2013The Seraphim- J uly 19, 2013Statement of Truth re My LatestDisclosures & A Message To SatanicNWO Traitors- May 26, 2013Key Missing Crown of LiechtensteinSecret Disclosed- April 24, 2013Waukegan Night Sinners MC Leader &2 More Die in House Explosion- April 21, 2013Dead Mexican & Girlfriend WereStalked by Satanic Cult in Chicagoland- April 21, 2013Ethnic Biological Weapons 2: LatinoSlaves After Black Genocide- March 20, 2013The Vehmic Courts, aka ThePunishment Tribunals of MedievalGermany - A System That Worked- J anuary 13, 2013Ethnic Biological Weapons- J anuary 12, 2013Chuck Norris (WND)CommieBlasterControle Fsico da MenteCryptome InfoDigital Information & The CriminalJ ustice SystemFour Winds10.comGang Stalking WorldEthnic Biological Weapons 2: Latino Slaves After Black Genocide[5/28/2014 1:51:54 PM]Information on this site is freelygiven, hopefully you found ituseful. However, web serverscost money. Please help out bymaking a donation, even just alittle one. Thank You.Forecast Communist Robert F Williams 1982. Also read Evidence Of Communist LongRange TakeoverofAmerica. The 10 FEMA regions are another flavor ofre map.There are a lot ofAmericans complaining about allofthe illegalimmigrants from Mexico,and the many effects the illegals have on our country. There are severaltheories about whythe government is facilitating the flow ofillegalimmigrants into the United States.Now you know another reason why Big Brother wants large numbersof Latinos inside the U.S., because they willbe slaves in the SatanicNew World Order. Whether or not thathappens depends on who wins the IlluminativsCommunists game ofdeath, I've said thatbefore. Race Specific Biologicalweapons are justone ofthe threats we are facing.Regarding Removalof Blacks from the Latino Gene PoolMaybe people haven'tnoticed, but blacks and Puerto Ricans are suffering from asthmamore than any other races. A long time ago one ofmy Mexican friends told me thatMexicans are mostly Spanish and Indian, Puerto Ricans are mostly Spanish and Black.Certainly there is widespread air pollution which could be a major cause ofthe high rateofasthma among blacks and Puerto Ricans, and some genetic flaw thatmakes them moresusceptible, however, there are also airplanes putting Chemtrails into the air we breathe. Noone except Big Brother knows whatis in the Chemtrails, but everyone agrees thatis it mostlikely nothing good.I wantto pointout these currentconditions, especially the firstitem concerning PuertoRicans:Hearing Voices is Voice to SkullHeritage FoundationInvestigar-11SJ ohn Birch SocietyKeyWikimindjustice.orgNew Zeal blogOpenCongressOpenSecrets.orgraven1.netRemote Neuro ImagingSites Controle de Funes CerebraisSpirit Of Truth BlogStop Internet Censorship S3804Tortured in America.orgHearing Voices is Voice to SkullWant To Know InfoWorld Net DailyEthnic Biological Weapons 2: Latino Slaves After Black Genocide[5/28/2014 1:51:54 PM]Ethnic Biological Weapons 2: Latino Slaves After Black Genocide[5/28/2014 1:51:54 PM]So those images yield a key fact, Puerto Ricans and Blacks suffer from asthma a lot more thanany other races, and Puerto Rico is baffled by the high asthma rate they suffer from, one of thehighestasthma rates in the world. Puerto Rico is a U.S. Territory.FYI Alien Chemtrails PlotPortrayed/Predicted in 1940. It's a propaganda clip.(2)"I told Pablo that there is a Communist long range takeover plan, and I told him severalthings, including the plan to create a biologicalweapon that willkill only black people. "Now see whatI said in a letterI sent Representative Jesse Jackson Jr. in July 2010, which I published in a September 2010post, Planned Genocide Against Black People:" In 1997,I warned GeneralShelton ofthe Communist plotto develop a biologicalweapon thatwillkillallthe blackpeople on the planet, and I asked him to investigate the ebola outbreaks, since South Africa would be a good location todevelop such a weapon. Even the slightest chance ofsuch a weapon in development needs to be investigated.According to The Bulgarian, he located and was responsible for the destruction oftwo labs working on development ofsaid biologicalweapon. The Bulgarian told me thatthe Communists were looking for whoever was responsible for takingout those labs, and he could not risk stopping thatthreatagain. So I was advised to be on guard for this threat.Im glad I told Shelton ofthatplotso you willknow thatI am not making this up now.According to The Bulgarian, some white supremacistgroups were promised thata biologicalweapon would bedeveloped to wipe out the black people, in exchange for their assistance.I also warned Shelton ofthe plans for Population Control, and the plotto eliminate the black race is but a partofit."In 1998 I had faxed some information to GeneralShelton's office at the Pentagon, and phoned hisoffice to confirm the materialwas received and would be directed to him.Ethnic Biological Weapons 2: Latino Slaves After Black Genocide[5/28/2014 1:51:54 PM]In 1999 I filed a federallawsuitagainstcertain crooked badges and other corrupt members within the Cook County judicialsystem. I made specific allegations thatcertain perps were conspiring to prevent me from testifying for DIA in some classifiedmatters. Scott v Sutker-Dermer6 Fed. Appx. 448, 449 (7th Cir. 2001).In thatfederallawsuit, I attached a copy ofmy phone records showing the calls to Shelton's direct office line. GeneralHenryShelton was Chairman ofthe JointChiefs ofStaff atthattime.I also mentioned the Missing Crown ofLiechtenstein in thatlawsuit, but I only referred to it as " a stolen European artifact"and stated precisely how many years it had been missing. I claimed thatthe perpetrators were willing participants in aconspiracy to prevent me from testifying for the Defense Intelligence Agency in some classified matters. Those classifiedmatters were focused on the crimes ofNSA DevilWorshiperThe Witch, including the suicide programming ofseveralAntiochteenagers, her use ofthe stolen Crown ofLiechtenstein on her God damn witch's altar, and the Satanic New World Order shewas serving thathad reached Command levelauthority in our NationalSecurity Agency. See The Witch aka The Snake Lady:NSA DevilWorshiper& MKULTRA Mind Control Experiments.Also see The MKULTRA Trigger:PsychologicalAssault By A Cop At My Back Door Nov. 10-14, 2009.Read 1982 MKULTRA Brainwashing Details & My Sighting ofLiechtenstein Crown, thatis how I know about this particularNWO genocide aspect.I included this black genocide matter in my July 2010 letters to Obama and the black IL Congressmen, (List ofGovt.Contacts July 1-2 and TheirAction or Inaction So Far) but I withheld it from my websites initially. I was to wake people up notto spark violence, someone else willhave to do ofpage


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