ethical foundation of love

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2. Pure love is an incomparable, potent power for good. Righteous love is the foundation of a successful marriage. Elder Richard G. Scott 3. Family is the center core of Gods plan 4. Romance, Love, Marriage, and Parenthood are the purest, most beautiful and appealing experiences of life Boyd K. Packer 5. Dating Dating is an incubator time of discovering the opposite sex, ones own sexual feelings, moral limits, relationship skills, and ones tastes in people. 6. What the says about dating 7. Colossians 2:20 Get close to God; have healthy friends, so that you make choices out of strength, not weakness. Learning how to be a good friend. Pursue wholeness. It doesnt work if youre too needy. You should become a person worth . Matthew 7:3-5 You cannot ask others to change without you changing. Be the best you can Be honorable 8. What about our limitations? 9. Courtship 10. Many young people have reached an age where they are old enough to look for a companion and mate. As they commence dating on a steady basis, you will enter a period known ascourtship. This will be a thrilling and important time in your lives. President McKay 11. Courtshipisawonderfulperiod.Itshouldbeasacredone.Thatisthe timeinwhichyouchooseyourmate. Youngmen,yoursuccessinlifedependsuponthatchoice.Choose prayerfullytheonewhoinspiresyoutoyourbestandalways rememberthatnomaninjuresthethingheloves.Theseedsofa happymarriagearesowninyouth.Happinessdoesnotbeginatthe altar;itbeginsduringtheperiodofyouthandcourtship. Youngpeople,chooseprayerfullyandcarefully.Dontrushhastilyinto marriage.Determinethatyouhavecommongoalsandinterests. Especiallybecertainthatyoupossessthesamereligiousconvictions andbeliefs. DavidOMcKay 12. Marriage 13. A happy and successful marriage will be one that is built on the important principle of love; a love recognizing not only a fleeting physical attraction, but more importantly a deeply spiritual love that will continue forever 14. love is the divinest attribute of the human soul. love must be fed; Love must be nourished; love can be starved to death just as literally as the body can be starved without daily sustenance. If that love is fed daily and monthly and yearly throughout a lifetime, the husbands attention will not be drawn to somebody else. Boyd K. Packer 15. Responsibilities of Husband & Wife Husbands and wives are to value each other as equal partners Husbands and wives should allow their individual characteristics and abilities to complement one another. Husbands and wives must be loyal to one another 16. Married couples should strive to live in Charity & Pure Love of Christ Suffereth long Kind Envieth not Not easily puffed up Seeketh not her own Not easily provoked Thinketh no evil Berath all things Believe in all things Hope all things Endureth all things Rejoiceth not in iniquity, but rejoiceth in truth Never faileth is the greatest of all The pure love of Christ Endureth forever 17. Video : Enduring Love