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<p>EXPLORING WITH M.L.K</p> <p>Powerpoint on persEverenceBy: Ethan A, Taitt10-29-2012ADVERSITYwhole story Martin Luther Kings adversity was that he had to overcome the segregated nation and was trying his best to stop it all by himself.</p> <p>PERSEVERENCEpg.262 Martin Luther King persevered by getting others to believe in stopping segregation and getting others to be apart of the civil rights movement.</p> <p>ADVERSITY #2 pg.792 Lance was diagnosed cancer in 1996.</p> <p>PERSEVERENCE pg.795Lance overcame his situation by his nurse giving him the right medicine and making sure his family was there for him.</p> <p>ADVERSITY #3In The Giver Jonas felt like he was burdened with all the feelings and nobody else had to give into it at all. PERSEVERENCEJonas handled that by asking the giver to give him good or pleasant memories since he had gone through so much pain.REFLECTIONSAll of these characters from these stories and real life overcame with confidence and pride.WORK CITED;jsessionid=gX50QNQHMhM2LRW2S2MzXPvMpbcyL411vgnqpcDgN0prsPcJthxh!1191495236</p>