eternal love jesus, my eternal love

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  • Eternal Love Jesus, My Eternal Love
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  • He doesn't bring me roses but He is called the Rose of Sharon.
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  • He doesn't send flowers to my office but He grows beautiful flowers in my garden.
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  • He doesn't kiss me but I sense His kiss when I feel sunshine or softly falling rain.
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  • He doesn't give me sparkling diamonds to wear but the stars He set in the sky shine even more brilliantly.
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  • He doesn't whisper in my ear but His still small voice is ever with me.
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  • He isn't a valentine who has pledged lifelong love but He is Eternal Love.
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  • He demonstrated it Not by gifts or well- intentioned promises but by offering Himself as the fulfillment of promise.
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  • Not by standing with me at the wedding altar but by placing Himself on the altar.
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  • That I may know life That I may know Him and love Him forever.
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