Essentials of a Good Toll & Highway Traffic Management System

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Arya Omnitalk is a leading player in Highway Toll Systems & HTMS in India, having already supplied & commissioned 220 Toll lanes. In alliance with Sanef ITS Technologies, France,a world leader for supplying innovative Mobility and Toll systems, Arya Omnitalk brings Sanef Its global experience & track record in implementing cutting edge Mobility & Intelligent Transport & Toll Systems with the assurance of a 247 local support at Indian prices.


  • 1. 6 Essentials Of A Highway Toll Managementwww.aryaomnitalk.comSystem

2. Should be rugged meeting stringentenvironmental specifications.www.aryaomnitalk.com1 3. Should not be prone to vandalism (Open,Unsecured Access).www.aryaomnitalk.com2 4. Should meet ingress protection rating(Protection from Rain, Wind, Dust, Shock andVibrations)www.aryaomnitalk.com3 5. No margin for downtime because of emergencyuse and widespread installations.www.aryaomnitalk.com4 6. Should have remote diagnostics to ensure highuptime.www.aryaomnitalk.com5 7. Should have very low energy consumption sinceit is a 24x7 operation.www.aryaomnitalk.com6 8. www.aryaomnitalk.comThank you!For more information please visit


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