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Esna Officelinx turns Google Apps into your communications hub by giving you tools to easily connect and collaborate with others anytime, anywhere. [better collaboration in Google Apps video: ] With Officelinx you can access and manage your voicemail from your Gmail inbox, escalate voice messages to live voice call or Hangout, check the availability of others before you contact them, click and call any phone number, route calls based on your free/busy status in Google calendar and share your location, as well as see the location of others in real time on Google Maps. Esna’s communications solutions extend and enhance the value your organization's existing phone system. It works with today’s IP-based systems as well as older TDM solutions. Have more than one phone system? Not a problem, Esna’s solutions can work across multiple PBXs simultaneously.


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2. Esna Embeds Collaboration AnywhereEsna embeds real-time communicationtools inside the business processes andapplications people use everydayINSIDE 3. People Want to Communicate in the Apps they UseMarty ParkerUser Experience:The X Factor of Unified CommunicationsNo Jitter, September 2013Its critical for UC systems todeliver an end-user experiencethat is intuitive, cohesive andintegrated.Users want theircommunications tobe built right intothe applications theyare using.Bern ElliotGartner CIOAugust 2013 4. Esna Delivers Value to Every UserExecutives Sales Marketing Operations HR:: Automates sales process:: Reduces sales cycle:: Reduces time to approval:: Speeds up access to expertise:: Adapt quickly to changes:: Accelerates time to market:: Increases idea sharing:: Fosters creativity:: Improves customer service:: Faster response rates:: Accelerates processes:: Reduces travel:: Attracts talent:: Retain employees:: Supports remote teams:: Improves work satisfaction:: Accelerates problem solving:: Sparks innovation:: Fosters disruptive innovation:: Accelerates business results 5. Google Apps Integration Presence Click-to-call Call Control Geo-location Sharing Unified Messaging Fax 6. Transcribed Voice Messages Inside GmailEscalate anemail to aWebConferenceUnifiedMessagingVoicemailTranscriptionRichPresenceClick-to-Call 7. Actionable Voice MessagesResolvemessagesto yourGooglecontactsPost urgent and crisismessages to Twitter andGoogle+Escalate anymessage to alive callSee the locationof the caller 8. Send and Receive Fax MessagesReceive and send faxes right fromGmailAutomatically save faxes in Drive alongwith your voice messages 9. Replay recorded voicemessages right from DriveSave Messages in Google DriveTranscribed voice messages can besaved as a Google DocVoice messages and faxes canautomatically be saved in GoogleDrive 10. Intelligent Call RoutingGreet callers + send calls to voicemail based on your calendar status 11. Rich Presence + Click-to-CallClick to callexternal phonenumbers andextensionsEasily see theavailabilityand locationof othersManage yourpresencemanually orautomaticallybased on yourGoogle calendar 12. Contextual Collaboration in Google DriveAutomaticallyrecognizes everycollaborator on a docStart an instantWebEx meeting,Hangout or groupchat 13. Real Time Communications in Google MapsSee thelocation ofothers onGoogle MapsStart a live call or IM conversation from Google Maps 14. Real Time Communication Across Google Chrome Access real timecommunications from any app iLink Pro Chrome/IE extensionfollows you from app to app Conversations stay persistent 15. Integrates with Google Contacts to identifywho is calling into the sessionGet notifications when someone hasjoined your meetingiLink Pro displaysthe real timestatus of yourmeetingEsna WeLink Audio Conferencing 16. Roche has 90,000 users onGoogle AppsNeeded to integrate multiplePBXs - Avaya, Cisco andlegacy Nortel with GoogleAppsRequired massive scalability,high availability and geo-redundancyCustomer Case StudyThe ChallengeThe SolutionSelected Esna Officelinxbecause of its ability to workacross multiple PBXssimultaneously whileproviding the same unifiedmessaging services to allusersEsna Officelinx was the onlysolution that could integrateseamlessly with Google Appsregardless of the PBXThe ResultRoll out to 40K+ users in theinitial phase worldwideEsna provides localizedunified messaging servicesin 17 languages 17. THANK 18. Additional SlidesCisco WebEx + AvayaScopia Desktop 19. EsnaiLink for WebEx 20. Google AppsCisco WebExIntegration 21. Multiple Ways to Start an Instant WebEx MeetingFrom the GoogleContact CardFrom the GooglePeople WidgetAnywhere in theChrome Browser 22. Schedule a Meeting from Google CalendarInstantly schedule aWebEx meeting fromGoogle calendarChoose from different meetingtemplates, meeting types andaudio optionsMeeting info is automatically published 23. WebEx Integration with Google HangoutsMove peoplethat you arecollaboratingwith in aHangout to aWebEx with asingle clickAttendees are immediately placed into the WebEx, noseparate login or registration required 24. Easily Create or Modify WebEx Meeting TemplatesDefine a standard meetingtemplate, create importmeeting templates fromWorks with any audio WebEx or create your ownconference provider 25. EsnaiLink for Avaya ScopiaDesktop 26. Google AppsAvaya Scopia DesktopIntegration 27. Multiple Ways to Start an Instant Scopia MeetingFrom the GoogleContact CardFrom the GooglePeople WidgetAnywhere in theChrome Browser 28. Schedule a Meeting from Google CalendarInstantly schedule aScopia meeting fromGoogle calendarMeeting details areautomatically published inthe descriptions sectionRandomly generate PIN numbers 29. Scopia Integration with Google HangoutsMove people that you arecollaborating with in aHangout to a Scopiameeting in a single clickAttendees are immediately placedinto a Scopia meeting - no separatelogin or registration required