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Eslite Eslite Bookstore Bookstore Group 6 Group 6 496702555 496702555 企企企 企企企 企企企 企企企 Amy Amy 596201201 596201201 企企企 企企企 企企企 企企企 Branden Branden 497703544 497703544 企企企 企企企 企企企 企企企 Alex 599061030 Alex 599061030 企企企 企企企 企企企 企企企 Patty Patty 498751641 498751641 企企企企 企企企 企企企企 企企企 Tammy Tammy 498022208 498022208 企企企企 企企企 企企企企 企企企 Jane Jane

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Eslite Bookstore. Group 6 496702555 企四乙 劉愛美 Amy 596201201 英四甲 楊正宇 Branden 497703544 企四丙 陳思銘 Alex 599061030 英二甲 王姵文 Patty 498751641 金企三甲 何嘉雯 Tammy 498022208 歷史三乙 朱嘉君 Jane. Introduction. Strategic Analysis. Competitors Comparison. Proposed Marketing Strategy. Slogan. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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  • ***Eslite Bookstore (traditionalChinese: ) is one of the largest bookstore chains in Taiwan. The franchise also provides one of the largest selections of English language publications in Taiwan.Eslite was established in 1989. The first shop was located in Dunhua South Road, Daan District, Taipei, with a focus and emphasis on art and humanities-related books. And also, Eslite Bookstore was the first to set up a 24-hour bookstore in Taiwan at its Dunhua store, attracting night-time readers. At midnight on January 1, 2006, Eslite's new flagship bookstore, located in Taipei's Xinyi District, opened for business. With about 8,000m of floorspace, it became the largest bookstore chain in Taiwan.Eslite has a total 53 branches, 2 children's bookstore, 2 stationery store and 5 music stores in Taiwan. Most of its target market are in cities, such as Taipei, Keelung, Yungho, Banchiao, Sanchung, Yilan, Chungli, Hsinchu, Fengyuan, Taichung, Chiayi, Tainan, Kaohsiung, and Pingtung.

    ***Strength : Brand Outstanding And excellent reading (consumer) space Local system is suitable for economic innovation Economies of scale Wide variety of books Establishment of online purchase service Weakness Consumers usually "read books" in the stores,but they usually don't "buy" Internet failure*Chance High (huge) acceptance for new types (pattern, mode) of book stores Threat Requires a more clear positioning in "entertainment" and "shopping" Aristocracy Wide use of ebooks (popularization of ebooks)*****(Books + Related Stationery) x Discount = happy~*****