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ESH Accomplishment Presentation of SAN ISIDRO NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL by: Mr. Mark Terry B. Miraa


  • 1. ESH ProjectAccomplishment Report San Isidro National High School

2. Pre-ImplementationIn-service Training Seminarfor Teachers. Engr. Ding Paz De leon MMLDC ESH Coordinator 3. Discussants: Ms. Jocelyn Jones, Mr. Rogelio Ramirez and Mr. Mark Terry MiraaTopics: School Facilities Maintenance Program, School Facilities Planningmanagement, Safety- Fire and Electrical Safety, Safety and Warning Devices,Health, Emergency and Disaster Management, and Spotting the Hazard. 4. Teachers in Action: 5. Giving of Certificate ofAppreciation toEngr. Ding Paz De leon MMLDC ESHConsultant. 6. Students orientation andapplication in Spotting the Hazard. 7. The Fire andEarthquakedrill: 8. The ESH Grant Awarding 9. Spotted Electrical Hazards ofthe ACG Building. 10. Other Spotted Hazards of theACG Building. 11. ImplementationESH group in ACTION! 12. The OUTCOME! 13. Best Practices.