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  • Ergonomic Series 2011No. 1 / 2011 German Innovation

    Development Partner: German Sport University Cologne

    S. 2 Contour PedalS. 4 Pedal Cleat Adjustment SystemS. 6 Backpacks / BladderS. 11 Ergon Grips comparedS. 12 Racing Grips / Handlebar Plug-InS. 16 Reportage Topeak Ergon Racing Team S. 18 Performance Comfort GripsS. 24 Technical GripsS. 26 Gloves S. 30 POP-Display / GriptesterS. 30 Grip Weight Table


    Small Large

    Shoe Size: max. EU 42 / UK 7.5 / US 8.5

    Shoe Size: min. EU 43 / UK 8 / US 9

    Shoe Size


    Small (max. EU 42 / UK 7.5 / US 8.5) Large (min. EU 43 / UK 8 / US 9) Superlight GFK Composite Touring, Commuting, General Riding Maintenance free polymer bearing $ 69.95

    A more efficient pedal. Ergon introduces the first flat pedal (or Contour Pedal as we call it) to provide an ergonomic and positive connection between bike and user. The first pedal designed with biomechanics and correct foot position in mind. Advantages are increased power transfer, more control and fewer hot spots and knee complaints. The Ergon PC2 is the first non SPD-type pedal constructed with the ergonomic biomechanical demands of the user as a priority.

    480 100 00 PC2-S (Pair)480 100 10 PC2-L (Pair)

    New PC2 The Pedal. Reinvented.


    Oversized integrated reflectors.Development partner:Busch & Mller, Germany

    The advantages of Ergon PC2 contour pedals.

    Superlight pedal bodymade from high performanceGFK Composite.Development Partner:Magura, Germany.

    Ultra-narrow axle constructionreduces Q-factor, improves biomechanics and increases efficiency.

    Maintenance free polymerbearings with radial seals.Development partner:Igus, Germany.

    Inner-stop for intuitively correctfoot positioning on the pedal.

    Anatomically contouredplatform, 6 angle for betterjoint allignment, varus (knee)angle correction. Optimizes thebiomechanics of the leg (hip-knee-foot). Increases efficiency,minimizes knee complaintsand hot spots / numbness inthe feet.

    3M-SafetyWalk creates aslip free platform and increasespower transfer.

    Dramatically increased contact area between shoe and pedal increases power transfer and energy efficiency, reduces concentrated pressure points on the feet.


    Power Station:Topeak-Ergon Racing Team: Alban Lakata, Irina Kalentieva, Wolfram Kurschat / Ergon 24h Racing Team: Kim Tofaute

    TP1 LOOK KO compatible

    TP1 Shimano SPD - SL compatible

    480 000 05 TP1 LOOK KO

    480 000 01 TP1 Shimano SPD - SL

    Look KeO users, one of the most popular road pedal systems, can now benefitfrom the accuracy and piece of mind offered by an Ergon TP1. The tools formallows all regularly sized road shoes to be set up correctly for more performanceand long-term comfort on the bike.

    One fits all Tech. Polypropylene TP1, Handbook, Reference stickers $ 25.95

    SPD SL users, one of the most popular road pedal systems, can now benefit from the accuracy and piece of mind offered by an Ergon TP1. The tools form allows all regularly sized road shoes to be set up correctly for more performance and longterm comfort on the bike.

    One fits all Tech. Polypropylene TP1, Handbook, Reference stickers $ 25.95

    Shoe SizeMaterialContentsMSRP

    Shoe SizeMaterialContentsMSRP


    480 000 00 TP1 Shimano SPD

    TP1 Shimano SPD compatible

    Shoe SizeMaterialContentsMSRP

    One fits all Tech. Polypropylene TP1, Handbook, Reference stickers $ 25.95

    No loss in power.The first ever tool for simple yet precise Installation of cleats On cycling shoes.

    The critical interface. The energy that goes into cycling is transferred via thepedal, shoe and cleat. Ergonomics in this area plays a massive role. Withoutan ergonomic setup power and performance will be lost. Comfort will becompromised. Injury could result. Correctly installed cleats are noticeable from thefirst ride. The Ergon TP1 allows the accurate adjustment of the three axis whichare important when installing cleats. The fore/aft position, the stance (Q-Factor)and the foot angle. It is simple, fast and effective.

    The tool is completed by a small handbook. This is a guide to basic ergonomicsof the foot and leg, the biomechanic consequences and a simple step bystep manual for using the TP1. For expert users information is provided aboutmaximising performance.

    IF Eurobike Award Gold Winner 2008reddot Design Award Winner 2010

    1. Fore / Aft adjustment 2. Adjusting the stance (Q-Factor)

    3. Adjusting the cleat angle

    One fits all Tech. Polypropylene TP1, Handbook, Reference stickers $ 25.95

    Shoe SizeMaterialContentsMSRP

    The crankbrothers Eggbeater pedal system is a favorite of many, and thereforewe jumped at the chance of designing a TP1 for the specific needs of these users.Accurate, simple and precise cleat (re)placement is now possible.

    480 000 10 TP1 crankbrothers

    New TP1 crankbrothers compatible



    The main problem with backpacks made for cycling is the poor fit. This is especially apparent when riding off-road. For this reason Ergon deliberately chose this criteria as the main point to design a pack around. The result is the Perfect Fit Backpack. Using a new shoulder strap setup, minimum user input is needed to find the correct fit. Simply adjust the back length (it has four levels) and the other straps automatically find the correct angle - be it at the hip, or shoulder.

    A second innovation the Ergon BX2 introduces is the load compression. The shoulder straps meet under the pack, compressing the load ensuring it is as close to the riders centre of gravity as possible. It makes for a pack which is a lot more stable than a traditional pack.

    Shoulder StrapsVolumeMaterialWeightLoad CapacityMSRP

    Sizes: Regular or Large 8 (9.5 when expanded) Liters Nylon, Polyester 700 g Recommended up to 5 kg $ 79.95

    Green Edition

    New BX2. Perfect Fit Backpack.

    HeightClothing Sizes Shoulder Straps

    up to 175 cmXS-M Regular

    from 175 cmM-XXLLarge

    $ 79,95

    450 002 00 BX2 Regular450 002 01 BX2 Large450 002 05 BX2 Regular Green450 002 06 BX2 Large Green

    Size Guide:

  • Optimale Krperanpassung durch 4-fache Rckenverstellung

    und selbstregulierendes Tragesystem.


    Exact fit achieved through 4 steps back adjustmentand the 4 point self adjusting shoulder straps.

    Ergon BX2 Ergon shoulder strapswith load compression -Load stabalised at thelower back.


    Traditional shoulder straps -instable loads - movementwhile riding

    Ergon BX2


    BX2 - Perfect Fit:

    Fit: Self adjustingshoulder straps self adjust to the user.

    Rider friendly: Clip for Ergon Bladdercan be fixed left or right.

    Custom fit: 4 levels of back length adjustment - simply done.

    4 zone air flow: Optimized air circulation and damping thanks to open pad design and large mesh.

    Ergonomically optimal - theload is pulled close to the body,thanks to the self-adjustingTrapez support connected tothe shoulder straps.

    Quick access pockets withoutremoving the backpack -suitable for tools, snacks,phone etc.

    BX2. Perfect ergonomics in every detail.

  • Shoulder StrapsVolumeMaterialWeightLoad CapacityMSRP

    Sizes: Regular or Large 14 Liters 420D Nylon 850 g recommended up to 6 kg $ 99.95


    Ergon: Optimal loaddistribution for minimalweight on the shoulders

    Adjustment of the carryingsystem to back length.









    Traditional backpacks:Ergonomically incorrect loading,specifically when cycling.

    The Flink Link Ball jointfollows your every move withlittle resistance.

    50 - 70%

    BC1 - A lightweight Day pack. Large maincompartment, bladder compartment, X-Shapecompression straps, rain cover, helmet retention, smallorganization compartment, water resistant zippers.Carrying system with adjustable hip band for ventilationregulation. Available with small and large shoulderstraps.

    450 000 40 BC1 Regular450 000 41 BC1 Large

    BC1Anatomically formed carrying systemin two sizes.

    Flink Ball Joint

    Many sensible features:Helmet retention, bladdercompartment, water resistantzippers, large main compartmentand practical smaller compartment.

    More air flow - As the pack doesntcontact your lower back, air flow isunhampered.

    Flexible, superlight Profax-PP frameallows 80% of the load to be carriedon the hips.

    Design eliminates pack slipping,even on hardcore downhills andthrough jumps.

  • Fully featured day pack. Sensible and innovative features such as magneticclosure on chest strap, 2 compression straps, organization compartments,separate drink bladder compartment, rain cover, helmet retention, waterresistant zippers... and so it goes on to complete this premium backpack.Of particular note, the Expando Funktion gives you 4 liters extra stowage.Available in two shoulder strap sizes and two color varients.

    Shoulder StrapsVolumeMaterialWeightLoad CapacityMSRP

    Sizes: Regular or Large 16 (20 when expanded) Liters 600 D Nylon 1300 g recommended up to 6 kg $ 149.95




    450 000 45 BC2 Regular450 000 46 BC2 Large450 000 95 BC2 Regular Green450 000 96 BC2 Large Green

    Green Edition

    The Backpack Motion System. Developed for Cyclists.Goodbye Gravity.Nobody really likes carrying a backpack... it is a necessity. It restricts your movement