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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>SAJJAD KHUDHUR ABBASChemical Engineering , Al-Muthanna University, IraqOil &amp; Gas Safety and Health Professional OSHACADEMYTrainer of Trainers (TOT) - Canadian Center of Human Development Episode 25 : Project Management </p> <p>Typical products of process plants:Chemistry: paints, plastics, fibres, fertilizers etcPharmaceuticals: drugsCosmetics: creams, lotions, cosmetic products etcRefineries: fuels, basic products for chemistry, lubricants etcBuilding materials: cement, sand, gravel etc\food industry: fats, oils, cereals, sugar etc\coal: mining and processing of coal</p> <p>In a contect of plant design and construction, two parties have to be distinguished:Plant operator wants to procure and operate a process plantPlant constructor who according to the agreed scope of delivery and service, takes on the planning, devlievry, assembly and start-up.</p> <p>Small plantsProduction volume of up to RM 3-5 millionProject duration up to one yaerMany suppliers for small plants</p> <p>Medium-sized plantsOrder volumes of single or double digit amounts\Project duration: 1-3 yearsCarried out by a project team under the leadership of a project manager normally handle all steps of plant design and deliveryOften include several smaller plants integrated as componentsExample: food production plants, sewage plants</p> <p>Large-scale plantOrder volume 500 1 billionDuration: exceeds two yearsLarge project teams headed by several project managersGeneral PM overall responsibility which involves organisational labour onlyComposed of several medium-sized and multitude of small plant unitsExample: refineries, complete chemical complexes, steelworks</p> <p>Technical RequirementsPersonal qualificationsExpert knowledge in the disciplines:Chemical process engineering Thermal process engineering Mechanical process engineering Biological process engineering Apparatus and pipeline engineering Pumps and compressorsMaterial science E/MC-Technology</p> <p>EDP capabilitiesWord Processing Spreadsheet analysisCAD and CAE in plant engineering Pipe stress analysisCommunication skills Team spiritCross communication within the project teamAppearanceStress tolerance and adaptability IndependenceLoyaltyReadiness to take on responsibility AssertivenessNegotiating skills Cost consciousnessSpoken and written English Additional foreign language competenceExperience acquired abroad</p> <p>PRODUCT IDEA/PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT</p> <p>MARKET ANALYSIS(Product price, quantity and quality)</p> <p>DETERMINATION OF INVESTMENT COSTS(Cost Estimation Methods)</p> <p>DETERMINATION OF OPERATION COSTS(Mass, material and energy balances)</p> <p>FEASIBILITY STUDY</p> <p>INQUIRY</p> <p>PRIVATE</p> <p>PUBLIC</p> <p>ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT/ RISK ANALYSISPREQUALIFICATION BID/TENDER</p> <p>BASIC ENGINEERING</p> <p>Activities during the project planning phase</p> <p>DEPOSITION OF TENDER</p> <p>TENDER ANALYSIS AND COMPARISON</p> <p>SIGNATURE OF THE CONTRACT</p> <p>CONTRACT NEGOTIATION</p> <p>BASIC ENGINEERING</p> <p>Main components</p> <p>Determination of the offer price</p> <p>Scheduling</p> <p>Electric components</p> <p>Process Design</p> <p>Civil Engineering</p> <p>Balances</p> <p>Layout</p> <p>Materials Concept</p> <p>Activities during the project planning phase (continued from previous)</p> <p>PRODUCT ORGANIZATION AND SCHEDULINGAUTHORITY APPROVAL DETAIL ENGINEERING</p> <p>Final Process Design</p> <p>Building/Steel structure</p> <p>P&amp;I diagrammes</p> <p>Design of plant components</p> <p>Layout</p> <p>Technical specifications</p> <p>Documentation</p> <p>Piping engineering</p> <p>Electrical engineering</p> <p>PROCUREMENT</p> <p>Inquiries</p> <p>Bids of subsuppliers</p> <p>Bid comparison</p> <p>Contract negotiations</p> <p>Orders and confirmations</p> <p>EXPEDITING</p> <p>11Activities during the project execution phase</p> <p>EXPEDITING</p> <p>ERECTION</p> <p>Site Organization</p> <p>Building/steel works</p> <p>Electrical parts</p> <p>Pipes, valves and fittings</p> <p>Components</p> <p>COLD COMISSIONINGWARM COMMISSIONING DEMONSTRATION OF THE GUARANTEED PERFORMANCEACCEPTANCE WARRANTY</p> <p>Activities during the project execution phase (continued from previous)12</p> <p>DEFINITION</p> <p>Bringing new product to market</p> <p>Endeavor dealing with design, creation and marketing of product</p> <p>TARGET</p> <p>Product marketable in large quantities</p> <p>Product realize at high selling price</p> <p>IDEA</p> <p>Technical Suitable product has to be found</p> <p>Commercial Focusing consumer goods marketing</p> <p>Research and Development Scientist and engineer conduct experiment to find a new and better products13</p> <p>Research the current price of the product.The status of product sellable in market by doing interview or statistic analysis. The product should be marketable in aslarge quantities as possible.iii.iv.The distribution of product should continue as long as possible.</p> <p>14</p> <p>Product Capacity</p> <p>Type Of Project</p> <p>Cost Estimation</p> <p>Resources</p> <p>Profitability</p> <p>Project Organization&amp; Scheduling</p> <p>Authorities</p> <p>Channel</p> <p>Plant Site</p> <p>FinancialFACTORS MUST!!CONSIDERIN STARTING A PROJECT</p> <p>15</p> <p>Location/Kind of PremisesPlot of LandOperating ResourcesLabour MarketPolitical ConditionsGeographic ConditionsInfrastructureType of Building</p> <p>Capacity/Availability/LifespanCapacity Scheduled annual production output Depends on Sales and MarketAvailability or Operating Reliability Actual operating time of a plant in relation to overall time Stated as a % and relates to 8760 hrs/yrLIFESPAN Predetermined by the management Periods range 5 to 30 years Longer lifespan, higher procurement costs</p> <p>Degree of AutomationFully automatic plantOnly the control room has to be staffedHigh labour cost high degree of automationLowwage countries cheap personnel are sufficiently available</p> <p>Legal RequirementsDepending on the countryRegarding permission, implementation, operation and control of a process plantEnvironmental regulations : environmentally friendly plantSafety regulations</p> <p>16</p> <p>Thanks for Watching Please follow me / SAJJAD KHUDHUR ABBAS </p>