EPEARL An electronic portfolio. ePEARL Electronic Portfolio Encouraging Active Reflective Learning

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<ul><li><p>ePEARL</p><p>An electronic portfolio</p></li><li><p>ePEARL</p><p>Electronic PortfolioEncouragingActive ReflectiveLearning</p></li><li><p>ePEARLAvailable online.Guides students step-by-step.Sets up goalsindividual/class/teacher.Outlines/scaffolds project plan.Posts work in K-12 portfolio.Supports feedback and reflection.Enables sharing with peers, parents, teachers.</p></li><li><p>Inquiry = Authentic LearningStudents willDevelop Questions to guide their learningResearch sources of informationSynthesize ideasShare evidence of their understandingReflect on their learningBecome self-directed learners</p></li><li><p>Overview Video</p><p>HSD commitment class lists done for you15 megabytes available for each student portfolio (bar at top). Google ePEARL, or.http://grover.concordia.ca/epearl/tutorial/level23.php</p></li><li><p>Portfolio AssessmentCollection Over time, students collect samples of work, in varying stages of completion.Selection Students select pieces to include in their portfolios, according to criteria set by teacher/class.Reflection Students think about why the piece is included, what they want the audience to know about it, and what they have learned from it.Celebration Students share their portfolios with parents, peers, and teachers to receive descriptive feedback.</p></li><li><p>Outcomes CorrelationSS SS Skills, Gr. 3-8SS Content outcomesELA Manage Information and IdeasScienceLwICT 3 main areas addressed ---Critical and Creative Thinking -Responsibility and Ethics-ICT Literacy Skills</p></li><li><p>Start-up for teachers1. To access ePEARL in HSD: http://epearlhsd.merlin.mb.ca/epearl.2. User name = email name3. Password = teacher Screen with Level just Continue. </p></li><li><p>Teacher TabsHome Artifacts Presentations Personalize Manage Resources</p></li><li><p>Start-up for teachers4. Go to Personalize (or Manage) tab, then to Teacher Account, then Password -- change to protect privacy; write down.5. Go to Classes. Class list, with user names and passwords for all, already done by HSD; can be printed.6. Always logout at top right.</p></li><li><p>Browse and PlayTo Personalize- own Welcome page. See handout Job Aids, p. 3-5.See O with ? insidealways good help.Change Image--some given or upload from own files.Change Bannerfrom given or websites (check first? Download extras to shared folder?).Change Theme.Write Welcome message.</p></li><li><p>Personalize Tabs1. Welcome screen picture and text.2. Themes background and banner.3. Folders and, 4. Colour Codes See Resources tab, to Tutorial to Level 2/3 to Personalize Part 2 (for student).Under Resources tab to Teacher to My AccountColour codes are different.5. Teacher Account</p></li><li><p>Tab 5 -- Manage1. Main Menu2. My Account password, nickname.3. My Classes Edit, View, Link me to other classes, Link teacher to other classes.4. My Students Name, Username, Password, Level.Can edit, limit view, print list.</p></li><li><p>Tab 6 ResourcesePEARL Documentation 1. Teacher Guide 42 pages2. Job Aids handout3. Parent Guide 4 pages, can be copied.4. FAQs</p></li><li><p>Tab 6 -- ResourcesePearl SupportVirtual Tutorial for teachersePearl Wiki Video Clips to show to students; to Level 2 see Doing, can download.Rubric -- guide only, in handoutContact us</p></li><li><p>Teacher tabsHome Artifacts Presentations Personalize Manage Resources</p></li><li><p>Artifacts</p><p>ePEARL for Teachers1. Planning 5 steps2. Doing3. Reflection -- 3 stepsIn Professional folder, see edit version, then share version.</p></li><li><p>SimplifyPractise ePEARL using research already done; eg. Arctic animal.Or familiar, like autobiography.So not learning two new things at same time.Prep/teach in class before lab time: Goals, Strategies, Criteria.Students can type from templates, filling in blanks to personalize. </p></li><li><p>CopyrightMaterials on web are copyright protected.Create own graphicsphotos, recordings.Some copyright-free sites:http://www.freefoto.com/www.freeplaymusic.comhttp://creativecommons.orghttp://freemusicarchive.orghttp://commons.wikimedia.org</p></li><li><p>No Internet Access?ePEARL not on Intranet.Student makes PowerPoint presentation.Follows along in computer class.Does same Inquiry Question, Goals, Description of Task, etc., as rest.Can browse Shared folder for pictures, World Book, and more to find information.</p></li><li><p>Share and FeedbackPortfolios automatically shared with teacher.Can be shared/unshared with classmates, other classes, classes in other schools (except SRSS).To Resources, to Teacher Guide, p. 22.Collaborate, p.24Parent Mode, p. 27</p></li><li><p>Tab 3 -- PresentationsT.G. p. 27After sharing and revising,Students click on Present icon, toREFLECT and SELECT.Artifact is then automatically in the Presentations folder, no editing.Artifact also remains in original folder; editing possible.</p></li><li><p>Before First Lab</p><p>Give each student a duotang or pocket folder, entitled ePEARL, with student name on the front, to hold rough copies, handouts, research notes, and other.Each student receives a sticky label printed with: -his/her username, -password website, and pastes inside front cover.</p></li><li><p>Class 1 In LabLogin, using info from front of duotang.Students explore (with teacher guidance) the Welcome Screen and Personalize tabBanner, Image, and Theme.My Account tab--Passwords may be changed at teachers discretion. (Passwords always visible to teachers on the class list.)NicknamesDesignate Folders according to your instructions.Colours: see help for suggestions, or see mine. </p></li><li><p>Class 2 In LabLogin Before Class 2, students use digital cameras to take pictures to be copied to their Welcome Screens.Students write own Welcome messages, rough copy and edit.Upload and attach own picture.Type Welcome message (see template).</p></li><li><p>Class 3 In LabFinish typing Welcome message.Edit self, then with peer who is done.Google your topic while others finish.General Goalstype from display on screen; all students do same goals for now.GOALS--To learn how to record my learning and post it on ePEARL. and--To figure out something new every time I come to my account.</p></li><li><p>Class 4 -- Artifacts TabSee Job Aid under Resources tab.View Billy Students portfolio.Browse across all top--questions?To New Artifact icon.To Select a FolderColour CodeDate entered automatically.To Learning Process reviewTo green arrow for Next.</p></li><li><p>Class 4 New ArtifactTitle How is the ______ suited to the Arctic habitat?PPT. slide of title, if no Internet.Change colour code.Date enters automatically.Task Description students typed in 5 questions to be answered, as given on large screen.</p></li><li><p>Evaluation</p><p>Please feel free to ask for help when using in the future.Let me know how ePEARL works for you.Email me.</p><p>*Anyone used it?*Skip Level 1 to Megs P*Go through handoutOutcomes.</p></li></ul>


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