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A presentation held at Mobile World Congress 2010 in Barcelona in a session called Envisioning 2020.


  • 1. Experiencing 2020 Hampus JakobssonCo-Founder, TAT Mobile World Congress 2010

2. TAT Home http://www.youtube.com/tatmobileui TAT delives software to give devices a personality 3. Technology can help us be efficient, so we can live life 4. We used to talk to people 5. Then we talked to machines 6. Machines should be invisibleMac Funamizu http://petitinvention.wordpress.com/ 7. TAT Augmented ID concepthttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tb0pMeg1UN0 TAT are on a quest on making machines invisible or human 8. Otherwise life will look like this http://vimeo.com/8569187Augmented (hyper)Reality Keiichi Matsuda http://keiichimatsuda.com/ 9. My take on where to look for the future?In the 70:s Alan Key invented user interfaces bywasting processing powerI think 2020:s biggest things will be invented by those who waste bandwidth 10. hampus @ tat.seHall 2, F18www.tat.se twitter.com/tatmobileUI youtube.com/TATmobileUI