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Guide for first year Melbourne University Bachelor of Environments students Information about O-Week, Camp, getting started, and finding your way.


<ul><li><p>SURVIVAL GUIDE 14ENVIRONMENTS</p></li><li><p>CONTEN</p><p>TSUNIVERSITY BASICS 7</p><p>DOS &amp; DONTS 10 SUBJECT GUIDE 12</p><p>MAJORS 18UNI ESSENTIALS 20</p><p>IMPORTANT INFO 23</p><p>ENVI SURVIVAL GUIDE 2014</p></li><li><p> First of all, Welcome to Melbourne Uni, the coolest University in Australia*, and the Bachelor of Environments, undoubtedly the best course with the most rocking student society in Australia!**</p><p>This survival guide has been assembled by a group of second &amp; third year students studying Environments. Weve survived first year, and are still here to tell the tale, so were passing our knowledge on to you. This guide is full of the stuff we wish we knew before we started. And since were student run, we can be honest &amp; can provide you with realistic tips on making it through the year while smashing the subjects on offer! Youll learn pretty quickly that uni is about far more than just studying if one thing will undo you this year, it will be spending all of your time in &amp; between lectures and tutes. Making friends hear and having a real social life on campus will keep you feeling good and will help you stay functional for the whole semester! Theres nothing better than being able to attend a tutorial with friends before heading to a BBQ run by a society like Envi.</p><p>Envi is Melbourne Unis youngest, newest, and sexiest faculty society, and exists to keep B.Envs students and their fans entertained on &amp; off campus, and to help support students academically and socially. Our number one aim is to have as much messy fun as possible whilst making great friends by running amazing events and ensuring that you have a great academic experience. Each year, we have a ball, a boatcruise, frequent BBQs, and a huge number of (often impromptu) on campus events! If you ever need to find us, we can be found in room 713 of 757 Swanston St if were not in, hit us up at envi@live.com.au or on facebook at www.facebook.com/envi.ess</p><p>INTRO</p><p>*This publication is not endorsed by UoM **Citation needed</p><p>ENVI SURVIVAL GUIDE 2014 3ENVI SURVIVAL GUIDE 2014</p></li><li><p>ENVIENVIRONMENTS STUDENT SOCIETY</p><p>The B.Envs is unique, and so are you, so what better way to spend your degree than with the coolest cats on campus? We are here to make your university experience awesome. Envi works hard to run a heap of events and look after you throughout the year. We run a first year camp, at least two BBQs a semester (and usually more), Architectural Tours of licensed establishments, the Envi Ball, a boat cruise, Last Man Standing, Industry Night, and much more. On top of this, we offer a huge range of sweet members-only deals and discounts for printing, coffee, and more on and around campus. Not only this, but membership will score you cheap and tickets to all events throughout the entire year, and access to all of our free BBQs. Youll also receive a neat calico show bag full of free stuff!</p><p>Membership is $4 for everyone. You can pick up your membership from our table during O-Week or at any of our events and BBQs throughout the year youll only score the show bag in O-Week though, and youll need a membership to be able to hire a locker! You should also join our Facebook group to receive updates and stay in the loop. You can also find us in room 713 of 757 Swanston St (look for the big logos!) We cant wait to see you on O-Week, and if youre lucky enough to get a spot, on camp!</p><p>Love, Envi.</p><p>ENVI Camp</p><p>Industry Night</p><p>ENVI Ball</p><p>Boat Cruise</p><p>PROSH Week</p><p>ENVI SURVIVAL GUIDE 20144 ENVI SURVIVAL GUIDE 2014</p></li><li><p>ENVI EXECS</p><p>Adam GalvinPresident</p><p>Alex LeederSecretary</p><p>Kobi BlandVice President</p><p>Laurence RitchieTreasurer</p><p>Diana GalimovaPublication</p><p>Matt BeanlandSocial &amp; Events</p><p>David AdamsEducation</p><p>WHO TO APPROACH</p><p>ENVI SURVIVAL GUIDE 2014 5ENVI SURVIVAL GUIDE 2014</p></li><li><p>FREE FOOD &amp; DRINKS AT ALL OUR BBQS</p><p>DISCOUNTED PRICES TO THE ENVI BALL, CRUISE AND ALL OTHER EVENTS</p><p>AND MORE!</p><p>ENVI MEMBERSHIP</p><p>$4 WILL GET YOU</p><p>ENVI SURVIVAL GUIDE 20146 ENVI SURVIVAL GUIDE 2014</p></li><li><p>Melbourne Uni uses a timetable system built into our online tool. Before semester starts, youll need to log in and select your classes - check your timetable &amp; register as soon so you can to snag the best spots. If you dont like the sound of a 9am tute, be sure to get on as fast as possible; the good classes fill out fast! With a bit of skill and a lot of luck, its possible to squeeze first year into a three day week. Alternately, you can spread it right out to have gaps for coffee or for a meal from the pub. Remember to print a copy or make it your phone background. </p><p>HINT: When you make friends at O-Week camp or on the Architectural Tour, hit them up and try shuffle your classes for some good company!</p><p>1. TIMETABLESBASIC UNI BIZZO</p><p>2. BREADTHBreadths can bring you a welcome break from Environments subjects and give you a chance to study something you enjoy. Some majors, however, have prerequisite breadth subjects (eg. Engineers need maths) so check your major. If your intended major doesnt have any prerequisites for breadth then go nuts! Do something that sounds interesting, plus its a great chance to choose something a bit easier to balance your load.</p><p>HINT: Plan ahead when choosing your breadths. You need to meet the required number of 2nd/3rd year subjects by the end of your degree which usuallyhave prerequisites. Personal favourites this year included:1. Creative Projects - Digital Arts is much like a VCE Art subject.2. Food For A Healthier Planet which complements Governing </p><p>Environments somewhat and discusses food security.3. African Drumming is marked primarily on attendance!4. Australia in the Wine World; a perfect way of knocking off a subject </p><p>in a week, but take care not to let it get away from you, youre there to taste wine!</p><p>3. PLAGIARISMDont do it.The Melbourne Unis system is an all seeing eye and you will not beat it under any circumstances. You can get thrown out of your subject, or if its severe and repeated, the course. Scoring a H1 for an essay that you actually wrote will feel you feeling warm and fuzzy inside anyway. Its well worth it!</p><p>ENVI SURVIVAL GUIDE 2014 7ENVI SURVIVAL GUIDE 2014</p></li><li><p>4. PRINTINGOn 7th floor 757, youll find the print room. Its a great place for printing anything from an A4 sheet to a massive architectural draft. Heres a quick guide:1. Jump on any computer in 757, open your chosen document and hit </p><p>File&gt;Print. First, choose your printer. There are a few and each has a different purpose (B&amp;W, colour, different paper sizes etc). Use the guide in the print room in youre not sure which printer to use. As first years, youll probably just stick to the Toshibas. Avoid the Plotters, its highly unlikely youll need them. Then customise the print options (make sure the paper size is correct etc.) and hit print.</p><p>2. Outside the print room youll find a module with a touch screen. Insert your Unicard and add printing credit to your card by inserting coins (or debit). </p><p>3. In the Print room, there will be a computer with a list of all queued print jobs on the screen. Select yours. Then insert your student card into the reader and click print. Your card will be debited the print cost. There are usually experts on-hand in the room if you need help.</p><p>Alternately, we reccomend using Scotts Print World, located diagonally opposite 757 Swanston.</p><p>You may have noticed nifty Unicard scanners on many of the doors around uni. Some buildings can be accessed 24 hours a day. However, you do need to request access. If you think itll be worth your while, head into the Environments Student Centre and ask them to hook you up with 24hr access to Archi. Youll be able to swipe your student card &amp; do some late-night studying in Archi.</p><p>HINT: If youre studying Virtual or Designing environments, youll have a few late nights building your final models!</p><p>6. 24 HOUR ACCESS</p><p>5. UMSU (STUDENT UNION)UMSU is the body which provides some of the most useful non-course related services. These range from advocacy to student loans to club funding (Yay! Thats us!). Theyre based in the aptly named Union House with an array of food outlets, the Grad shop and where youll also find the Members Lounge, a great chill space with couches, plasma TV &amp; microwaves, and the Rowden White Library, a great recreational library. Union house also hugs North Court, the location of Tuesday BBQs &amp; live music. UMSU also provides advocacy services if youre ever in a pickle, so dont be afraid to speak to someone who works with or for them!</p><p>ENVI SURVIVAL GUIDE 20148 ENVI SURVIVAL GUIDE 2014</p></li><li><p>7. LIBRARIESIts always a good idea to take a trip to one of the libraries across campus for assignment research. They have a large range of books on pretty much every subject and theyre easy to borrow. The Baillieu is the main library on campus. There is also the Architecture library, located in the ERC, next to the Frank Tate. Many of the books youll need can be found here. The University of Melbourne website has a Library section and using Discovery you can track down your journal/textbook/article etc, find which library has it and go borrow it. Items from the Libraries have a borrowing time ranging from one night to several weeks. Its usually easier to search for books in the online catalogue before you arrive, just so you know where to start looking. If youre lucky, your text might even be avaliable online. You may also visit the State Library, it has a massive range of books, but you cant borrow them, which sounds average but it means nobody else can nab the book you want.</p><p>8. DISCOVERYDiscovery is the University of Melbournes most useful library research tool; the easiest way to (literally) discover the perfect article for almost any assignment or essay. Using this platform, youre able to search the engine catalogue of articles, journals and books in all UoM libraries. Discovery will always leave you in one of the following two situations: 1. Thousand upon thousands of results (yay, this is good!) 2. Almost no results that are relevant to what you need.</p><p>Situation 1 can be dealt with by using the Subject and Sub-Categories to refine the search to the articles directly relevant to these areas of interest. Topics and key words from contentions are good places for search entries.</p><p>Situation 2 is best handled by trying different search terms. You can also try a different search engine like Google Scholar through your University email. Or you can find relevant texts at the State Library.</p><p>HINT: Australian Government websites make excellent for finding data revelant to your assignments. Always start with:The ABS: www.abs.gov.auThe DSE: www.dse.vic.gov.au</p><p>LandVic: www.landvic.gov.auVicUrban: www.vicurban.com</p><p>ENVI SURVIVAL GUIDE 2014 9ENVI SURVIVAL GUIDE 2014</p></li><li><p>DO choose a broad range of subjects. Have an open mind and try something new!</p><p>DO come to every Envi event!</p><p>DO take some risks and have fun first year. Your marks in first year dont count towards your major or masters!</p><p>DO start saving up for printing costs. And ALWAYS print stuff early; printing at the last minute will leave you up the creek if </p><p>the printers jam.</p><p>DO make the most of free BBQs on campus. Never turn down free food and/or beer!</p><p>DO speak to the person on the computer next to you. Chances are youll be doing the same subject.</p><p>DO join every club and society that interests you!</p><p>DO be yourself! No one cares if you were cool in high school. Uni is a whole different ball game.</p><p>DO be prepared for group assignments! Some subjects use a system called PRAZE that allows you to rate your group </p><p>mates, and they rate you too!</p><p>DO get used to Melbournes marking system. The highest score is H1, followed by H2A, H2B, H3 and P. Random, we know...</p><p>dos and donts</p><p>ENVI SURVIVAL GUIDE 201410 ENVI SURVIVAL GUIDE 2014</p></li><li><p>DONT do Virtual and Designing in the same semester (suicide)!</p><p>DONT freak out if you havent decided your major! Wait till the end of first year before you decide. Get a taste of everything.</p><p>DONT tell people youre studying Environments. This will avoid the awkwardness of people assuming youre a tree-hugging </p><p>hippie. Just say your major!</p><p>DONT compare yourself to other students. Everyone has different experiences!</p><p>DONT brag about your ATAR score. Nobody cares. ATAR scores have little to do with performance at university.</p><p>DONT skip tutorials! If youre feeling lazy, skip the lecture instead! They are usually recorded and uploaded on the LMS </p><p>anyway.</p><p>DONT leave assignments (especially design projects) to the last minute! Its just torture if you do.</p><p>DONT worry, everyone wanted to do Architecture at the beginning of first year. Lots of them change their mind.</p><p>DONT forget your Student Portal (MyUniMelb) and check your university emails daily!</p><p>ENVI SURVIVAL GUIDE 2014 11ENVI SURVIVAL GUIDE 2014</p></li><li><p> Two 1 hour lectures per week One 2 hour tutorial per weekUrban Environments is separated into four parts; the history of cities, urban geography and resource management, social aspects of cities and how cities are planned. If you hate reading you will probably not enjoy this subject. The lectures on historical aspects of cities are not just an introduction to the subject, but are also examined. Thought the final lectures on the city planning can be dry, the subject on the whole can be very interesting and quite rewarding. The urban journal involves spending a lot of time in the city &amp; suburbs, taking photos,</p><p> One 2 hour lecture per week One 2 hour tutorial per weekReshaping Environments is taught by an interdisciplinary team of environmental engineers, biologists, designers, landscape sociologists and environmental psychologists. This results in a blending of science and humanities. The content is diverse and includes topics such as sustainability, systems (e.g. the hydrological system), scale and ethics. The subject can be defined broadly as the study of sustainability within the framework of human-nature relationships. You will enjoy this subject if you are passionate about environmental and ethical issues. Some may find the continuous tutorial debate around definitions of terms tiresome, though these debates can often change your perspectives on complex issues such as whaling. The assessment is part-group and part-individual, consisting of a group site visit and write-up as well as an individual analysis. This is supplemented by a short weekly journal where you reflect on the weeks lecture and reading content. If you liked Reshaping Environments, the Geographies, Politics and Cultures major will suit you. </p><p>URBAN ENVIRONMENTS*</p><p>RESHAPING ENVIRONMENTS*</p><p>SUBJECTGUIDE</p><p>ENVI SURVIVAL GUIDE 201412 ENVI SURVIVAL GUIDE 2014</p></li><li><p>NATURAL ENVIRONMENTS*</p><p>sketching &amp; analysing features which they prescribe. The essay involves a bit of research and analysis of your local area. For both assignments &amp; the exam you will need to incorporate some information from the readings/lectures so make sure you keep up to date. The exam tests you on each of the 4 topics and the questions are given to you beforehand, so you can plan/rote-learn your answers for a perfect response. If you like this subject the Urban Planning &amp; Design major will suit you.</p><p> Two 1...</p></li></ul>