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Kaizen implementation in the Woreda level by the Woreda Kaizen team and TVET level


  • 1. Implementation of Kaizen in the enterprises by Woreda level industrial extension workers Document exploration in Woreda 3 Introduction Over all activity and implementation of Kaizen training by keeping the procedure in the particular of Kaizen implementation presented as follows 1. DETME enterprise where found in Gulela Sub-City Woreda 3 proximity to the health canter 2. DOBA/ATW enterprise >> >> >>> >>> >>>> Implementation of Kaizen philosophy conducted in the two enterprises which founded in Gulele Sub-city at woreda 3 leavel namely Lalibela Construction P.L.C. and Ralcon construction P.L.C. The full implementation package of Kaizen programme has been performed by the collaboration with woreda and TVET college Kaizen team on the enterprises. The name of enterprise is I. Lalibela Construction P.L.C Kaizen team which undertakes the full implementation package Participants (implementers) namely had undertaken the continual support for the sustainability of the implementation. II. Ralcon construction P.L.C, The Kaizen team which undertake the full implementation package namely; 1. Kaizen (scale productivity) 2. Identification of knowledge gaps and registration of those gaps 3. Assisting the concept of technology transfer 4. Job creation and market sharing among them. The reports of the above enterprises include detailed job description and throughout the work, the strength and weakness are analyzed by doing SWOT analyses.

2. General Work Description of Kaizen implementation Starting from 16/04/04 E.C, inauguration of the enterprises, the implementation of Kaizen philosophy was introduced but the presence of holiday rendered the framework. After assessing their willingness, by forming a team (a group), we undergoes assessment on their willingness, finally we started the job. Detailed Work Description Shop layout, According to the shop layout, categorizing and labeling of equipments were done, new job store constructed. Arrangement done on raw materials, the class dividing was made by table was demolished, Appropriate shelves and tables were assembled on their proper place, Allocation of raw materials were done on the shelves both in / arrangement type and amount Transferring the arranged raw materials in tool store Cleaning the machines by benzene & compresses, Problem identification of malfunctioning machines, cleaning the room Appropriate disposal of the waste and waste storage on the boxes were done, Tools arrangements, Kaizen board was done, Waste storage box was done, Skill gap/need assessment time frame was done on the same date, Typing the arranged tools on compute, Posting them on the billboard, Purchasing of conduit breaker Training was given for accounting leather and the debt-credit capital was not registered properly on the capital statement, but the registration process of cash flow statement is done based on the daily basis. In addition, detail description, receipt no, cash, bank deposited, credit from shareholders, raw material, registration fee from shareholders, fixed equipments, payable credit, registration fee from new members, contingent deposit from shareholders, payable profit, telephone & electric power bill (expense), stationery expenses, transportation expenses, salary expense and other expenses were debited and credited. In lalibela construction, the files model were compiled, other files which are properly handled are: Personal profile of worker, Minute profile, Tender letter profile, we recommended them to create a file of another box file models and purchase order form. Work Description in Radical Construction 3. Arrangement of storage for machine and raw materials, Temporary shop layout drawing preparation (preparation of temporary shop layout drawing), The metals and woods founded in the shop were deposited outside of workshop for proper implementation of the work plan Cleaning of workshops, Proper storage of raw materials, Proper assembly of machines based on shop layout, Assembling two benches in the workshop, Proper storage of raw materials for metal and wood work, Storing raw materials on their own appropriate place, Entry of shelves, Proper identification of raw materials and put them on shelves, Expiry metal & woods were properly disposed, Workshops, raw material storage, kaizen board, assembly room for machines, MDFC, Direction indicators were prepared by compressor and posted - Purchasing of conduit breaker, Electrical installation, Skill gaps were identified. These are: 1. Accounting 2. Metal work 3. Wood work 4. Management & leadership 5. Bookkeeping Ralcon Construction Cabinet for entry letters, Purchasing order folder, Workers private profile folder, Minute folder, Tender letter profile The problem identified in both enterprises is that proper cleaning of working environment after day-offs; lack of proper labelling of raw materials and produced goods; but by working together the problem was solved. Electrical installation on ground was done. Lastly additional box files purchasing proper utilization of them were recommended for them. Benefits Encountered Getting labeled goods within short period of time, proper cleaning of working environment Missed materials and goods are easily accessible, current good manufacturing practice created, time saved, Electrical installation that minimizes danger and working friendly Proper labeling of raw materials and work goods on shelves in stores, Proper identification and assembly of waste disposal, Expenses for purchasing of goods include:- Sanitary items, Electrical items like conduit and breaker Training need assessment tools were our questionnaire/interview 4. Purchasing of steel products & selling of wastes as of Kaizen implementation, First aid kits were prepared for both enterprises, Business plan was prepared for both enterprises which include:- Business transaction and expenses, Monthly work plan, Monthly operational/cost plan/ material cost prepared, Cash flow plan was prepared Strength and Weakness of Kaizen Implementation 1.1. Strength Inauguration of industry extension in woredas, Active participation of workers and teachers of woreda industry extension services, Proper implementation of Kaizen by forming cluster centre among human resources, Forming team work and proper workflow among teachers in woreda and TVET colleges, The work plan is specific, measurable, achievable, reliable and time bound and it is effective 1.2. Weakness Lack of safety precaution clothes, No budget for medication purpose, Accidents due to lack of safety precautions, Lack of place for treating staffs, Lack of technology, equipments and materials, Non-inclusiveness of professionals in industrial extensions, Presence of implementation gaps due to long organizational structure, Lack of market opportunity, Need of total dependency, Lack of participation of cluster centre Limitation, Lack of willingness during implementation as of seven other enterprises did. Plan implementation gaps, Lack of safety precaution clothes, Lack of continues training and communication gaps between trainers with TVET teachers Possible Problem solving strategy Undertaking ideas for enterprises about Kaizen implementation, Fulfilling all the materials and equipments needed by discussing the issue with respective and responsible stakeholders Solving skill gap and identifying issues to be solved through long term & continuous training, Recommending the enterprises to implement the workflow process and the training given Solving or reducing knowledge, attitude and skill gaps through continuous training Creating effective professional goal to be achieved, Issuing the nearby health institutions to render better health far and treatment for them beyond rendering first aid. Summary 5. Assets to be implemented for boosting productivity efficiency starting from 16/04/04 03/05/04 E.C are:- Sort identification of raw materials for production and service, Stabilize labelling and storing beneficial assets, Shining cleaning of workshop & equipments and materials, Standardize assuring quality for workshops, Sustain keeping for continuity of Kaizen philosophy In addition Kaizen (increasing production & productivity efficiency), Identification and registration of skill gaps, Assisting them for technological transfer, Entrepreneurship & market opportunity creation Other tasks include space management & keeping modern production flow project outputs and impact is also their focus and the project all in all was SMART. Even though the service of industrial extension the city administration of A.A particularly in each sub-city and vocational school is started soon; many achievements have been observed. Among such success full accomplishments Kaizen system takes the lions share. This system helps this model in association with micro business activity. In addition with this industrial extension gives to those micro-business associations short term training to improve their skill business planning and financial management. This service has been implemented in each Woreda and sub-city .Due to this each micro business enterprise has got good progress in their activity. Beside this, the industrial extension gives short term training for an employee and females and enables them to have their job. In this respect Gullele sub-city Woreda 3 have done a good job which can be considered as a model for other sub-cities. The administration creates close contact with Vocational Schools to bring more trainers to be trained and finally enable them to start their Micro Business services. Moreover, they also create contact with different NGOs or Charity Organizations to create good job opportunities for the trainees. Generally, the management has made good progress in this year than before. The overall activities of that industrial extension can be stated as follows: A new machinery is donate