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<ul><li> 1. EnterpriseReferral Platform</li></ul> <p> 2. Benefits Acquire new high-value customers Generate positive recommendations Incentivize sharing Identify and reward key influencers Measurable results Full service agency Concept creation and branding Reward fulfillment Account management Design Optimization 3. Check out Sittercity to find a babysitter youll loveit! Save 30% right now 4. Results Over 5,000 customers transformed into promoters 53% open rate on referral emails On average, more than one new inbound click pershare 45% reduction in CPA compared to other channels Over 30,000 inbound clicks to the site Email creative design and optimization Over 13,000 social messages Detection and elimination of fraudulent purchases Integration with 3rd party rewards system 5. Why Referral Marketing? Social media conversations actively influence consumer behavior 6. Why Referral Marketing?A customer is 4 timesmore likely to buy whenreferred by a friend.-Nielsen83% of satisfied customersare willing to refer products&amp; services, but only 29%actually do so.Texas Tech Marketing Study 7. Company OverviewMission:To design fun, interactive promotions that leverage thesocial graph and enable our clients to generate buzz aroundtheir brands. Founded in 2009 Interactive marketing agency located in Chicago Investors include New World Ventures, Excelerate Labs,Coupon Cabin, and the Illinois Invest Venture Fund In the last 6 months, over 100,000 referral messages sentacross our enterprise clients</p>


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