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Vendor Landscape: Enterprise Mobility Management

Mobile device management has grown up. Get a grip on devices, applications, and content with the right enterprise mobility management suite.

Mobility management isnt about devices any moreits about what devices do. EMM vendors are focusing on the management of applications and content, competing to innovate in a world where mobility is increasingly critical and mature.

BlackBerry made smartphones into powerful tools for businesses, and pioneered the importance of central management of those devices. Later, consumer-focused smartphones and tablets also became powerful business tools, but lacked central management. Early mobile device management (MDM) arose to add management capabilities across all mobile devices and platforms.Trends like BYOD emphasized the need for mobility management by increasing the variety and complexity of mobile devices. However, do users really want their own devices controlled by IT?It has become clear that MDM is not enough. No matter who owns the device, it contains a mix of personal and corporate applications, documents, and other data.MDM vendors have evolved. They no longer only manage the devices, but the company applications that run on those devices, and the content within those applications. Enter the all-encompassing set of tools known as Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM).

MDM is a feature, not a product:In only a few years, mobile device management has gone from defining a market to a minor, non-differentiating feature among EMM suites. When choosing a vendor, focus on application management, content management, and other advanced features, rather than basic MDM.Pure-play vendors are in the minority:EMM-only vendors are being acquired by vendors with broad product sets and deep pockets. The remaining pure-plays appear lower in our landscape in comparison with some of the largest vendors in tech, but their products are still innovating rapidly in order to differentiate themselves.EMM-style management is spreading:Expect EMM to expand beyond mobile devices. After finding success with the power and flexibility of EMM, customers and vendors alike are racing toward a single management tool for mobile, Windows, OSX, and even the Internet of Things.