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<ul><li>1.Presentation to ABAA UG SMS Management &amp; Technology Enterprise Architects and Business Analysts: Competitors or CompanionsMark Bilbrough 13 May 2008 1 </li></ul> <p>2. Why this topic?Initially:a sense of jealousy SMS Management &amp; TechnologySubsequently:Recognition for a need to understand/communicate andinteroperate with each otherImportantly:Provide an overview of EA so BAs can make their ownassessment2 3. What is Enterprise Architecture?Born out of the work of John Zachman He took a very pure approach to engineering the enterprisePrinciples are (typically) about aligning the SMS Management &amp; Technologybusiness with IT My perspective: A strategic planning process to inform and execute decision making in an IT-enabled organisation Makes organisations more efficient, effective, innovative and agile3 4. What does SMS use EA for?Apply an EA approach to:IT Strategic PlanningBusiness Transformation SMS Management &amp; TechnologyBusiness Case DevelopmentSolution IntegrationDefine Portfolios (Programs) of Projects 4 5. What does EA look like?Business ArchitectureBusiness ProcessAlignmentReengineering &amp; FunctionalMappingAuditTransformationDecomposition IdentityGuiding ManagementPrinciplesBusiness Artifact Development SMS Management &amp; Technology Technical Directory Services Information ArchitectureReferenceModel BusinessLanguage Content / Data ModelingIntelligenceStandardisation Document MngtShared ServicesStandards / Guidance Information Artifact Development Application Architecture User InterfaceSolution SystemsDesign StandardisationArchitectureRationalisation Technology &amp;Service Oriented Applications Artifact DevelopmentStandardsArchitectureTrend AssessmentWeb ServicesInfrastructure ArchitectureArchitecture VisioningInformationNetwork E-commerce &amp;Systems Exchange Architecture B2BIntegrationStandardisation Infrastructure Artifact Development 5 6. Business Architecture Organisation Functions SMS Management &amp; Technology 6 7. 7SMS Management &amp; TechnologyFunctionsProvision of Charts Monitor and ImproveProvision of ServicesProvision of NOTAMS Provision of Products Provide Safety AssuranceProvision of TCU Services Manage &amp; Design AirspaceProvision of Tower ServicesConduct Assurance ServicesProvision of Enroute Services Provide Risk &amp; Audit Services Undertake Regulatory ServicesConduct Airservices OperationsProvision of Information Products Provide Environmental AssuranceProvision of Real Time InformationProvision of Pilot &amp; Procedure Guides Conduct of Noise Monitoring Services Provision of Information Systems or IPDevelop Quality Procedures &amp; StandardsProvide Systems &amp; Information AssuranceProvision of Firefighting &amp; Rescue ServicesProvision of Flightwatch Information ServicesProvision of Consultation/ engineering/maint servicesProvision of Pilot Briefings (collection / dissemination) B ris b a n e C e n tre O p e ra tio n s M e lb o u rn e C e n tre O p e ra tio n s S y d n ey O p e ra tio n s C u s to m e r V a lu e &amp; B u s in e s sD e v e lo p m e n tT e c h n o lo gy D e v e lo p m e n t H e a d A ir T ra ffic C o n tro lle r A T C C a p a b ilityAir Traffic ManagementResource Mapping P e rfo rm a n c e S u p p o rt A T M P la n n in g N a tio n a l O p e ra tion a l S u p p o rt&amp; Im p ro v e m e nts A ir T ra ffic C o n trol O p e ra tio n sA v ia tio n R e s c u e &amp; F ire F ig h tin gB u s in e s s D e v e lo p m e n t B u s in e s s S u p p o rtAirport Services Q u a lity A s s u ra n c e A v ia tio n S y s te m sC o m m u n ic a tio n S y s te m s F a c ilitie s M a n a g em e n tS e rv ic e sB u s in e s s D e v e lo p m e n t S y s te m In te g rity In fo rm a tio n M a n ag e m e n tInfrastructure Support Services S y s te m s C o m m e rc ial &amp; S tra teg ic S e rv ic e sC o rp o ra te S tra te g ic P la n n in g F in a n c ia l S tra te g yBusiness Architecture Function to C o rp o ra te T re a s u ry S e rv ic e s H u m a n R e s o u rc e s S tra te g yCorporate Services B u s in e s s S e rv ic e s 8. Information Architecture - ExchangeICAO Aircraft Registrations Aircraft TypesChargable Records/ ADMS LocationsGeoscienceProvide Australia / Commercial InternationalServices Equivalents AusSAR SMS Management &amp; Technology Roster ChangesCentres Other Organisatons eg Telstra Flight Strips Conduct Local Resource Flight Data Changes to geoscience,Schedulingtypographical data Rosters Search &amp; Rescue DataInvoices /Changes to Infrastructure Credit memosADMS DataATC Provision of DevelopTCU/TMAProcedures Services Provision of TowerNOTAMSAirspace DesignsServices AusFIC Queries/LAO ADMS DataManageRequests Prepare &amp;Provision of Manipulate Pilot BriefingsProvision ofRAAFOp/Bus DataAeronautical DataProvision ofFlightwatchEnroute Information Provision of Services Services Aeronautical DataChanges toPilot &amp;Airport Changes Procedure regulationsProvision ofGuides Meteorology DataNOTAMSCustomer Value Airport Changes&amp; Business Development USAF NGAMeteorological NOTAMSData Provision ofChanges to regulationsFlight Plans &amp; ChartsIssues Airport Owners Bureau ofFlight InformationMeteorology Separation instructions/ requestsPilot Guides/ConductProceduresFaclities CASA InternationalNOTAMS Maintenance Charts NOTAMS Pilot Guides &amp;Procedures (AIP Book)/ Customer Orders aviation related documentsIn flight information / Air ground info from pilotsCANPRINT &amp;Corporate Express Published itemsPilots/AirlinesCharts Customised Chart Customers/ Aviation Procedures etc 8 9. Application Architecture System Interfaces MM 23 24M2 2 41 M42 M3 M4 4 M4 SMS Management &amp; Technology2 P4 3P45P4P26P265 P4 M6 P2 43 M0M7 M53 M54M 55 7 P1SEIPLL S/E 5IM P1 M to4 AN P1 MROP5 8 P5 9 P6 0 8 7 R2R2 R9 R8 R1 9 10. SMS Management &amp; Technology How do you develop an EA? 10 11. SMS Management &amp; Technology How do you develop an EA? 11 12. SMS Management &amp; Technology How do you develop an EA? 12 13. How do you use EA?The Physical ArchitectureBusinessStrategy HOW? Need an EnterpriseOngoing Business/ Approach ! Evi denceUns truc tur ed AccusedProcessing Court Schedul e Struc tured Case ListingCase StatusOutstanding Warrants, Struc turedSummons (Order Breach) - Unstructured, str uc turedFi ndings, Orders Struc tured Enforcement MDTPolice Prosecution Pro secution&amp; DefenceDefen ce Defence Counsel CourtsHearin gsCA MS (File Tracking)Case Listi ng(Hardcopy &amp; Web)CTLD (County &amp; Court ofAppeal E-Appeal BooksACORN Asset Conf. System Enforcement Str uct ure dCustodial/Supreme)ConfirmationEvidenceCase StatusCommunity Uns truct ure dStructure dHe arings sCAD ComplexHearing srgeCase Mgt cha ults (D24)e, Case Summons - Charges &amp; BriefCasResVIMS Stage 2 Crimi nalHearing Wes tpac Technology Problem Charges,Order BreachTCO/FPPORecord, Facts Unstruc tur ed,PRISMMoneyNAB V IMS Stage 1 Accused Complex Case Unstruct ure d,struc tured(OPP) Co urtlink CashManReceiptAgencies &amp;Detail s BriefManagement st ruc ture dMonetary Cha rg es (Magistrates,s OracleMoneyMoney CouncilsIntalMan Re su lts Structure dManagemen t L EAP Knowledge ( Financials)I nfringementsChildren's)Base(OPP) Warrant Warrants REEVES 14. How do you use EA?ObjectiveObjectiveObjective Function b Function d Function g Function aFunction c Function eFunction f SMS Management &amp; TechnologySYSTEM 1Capability gapduplicationSYSTEM 2 CapabilitySYSTEM 3 System not requiredCapability shortfallSYSTEM 4 Stovepipe SYSTEM 5SYSTEM 6 Key = performs the task = supports the task = to be introduced 14 15. Who are EAs?Skills around: Technology: Mainframe, N-Tier, Networking, Data Reasoning: Conceptual Thinking, Pragmatic, Flexible/Open SMS Management &amp; Technology Business: Customer Value, Marketing, Sales Process: Modelling, Facilitating, Education Interpersonal: Communication, Teamwork, Persuasion Executing: Decision Making, Problem Solving, Costing, PM Leadership: Insight, Influence (w/o authority), Visioning, Strategist HR Management: Coaching, Appraisal, Motivation 15 16. SMS Management &amp; Technology 16Where are the overlaps? 17. SMS Management &amp; Technology How do we work together? 17 18. SMS Management &amp; Technology 18Extra Slides 19. What is Enterprise AnalysisCreating and maintaining the Business ArchitectureConducting feasibility studies to determine theoptimum business solution SMS Management &amp; TechnologyIdentifying new business opportunitiesScoping and defining the new business opportunityPreparing the Business CaseConducting the initial Risk AssessmentPreparing the Decision Package.19 </p>