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  • 1. Enterprise) Ge#ng&your&rst&20&enterprise& customers&Abhijit)Bose) CEO)&)Co3Founder,)Ezetap)

2. How)we)work)with)enterprises) Ezetap turns any mobile device into an intelligent pointof-sale that can accept credit or debit cardsWe interact with two types of enterprises: banks as a distribution channel and merchants who use the service in the field. 3. Tried)and)tested)formula)) Use your network and persistence to start deals at the top and meet the decision makers References and customer success via measurable ROI are the only things that matter. Align the organization, processes, metrics, and bonuses Create a global, replicable model Make sure your value proposition is durable, easy to differentiate and demonstrate Experiment quickly to explore & validate pricing, market segment, GTM, product viability Sell&before&you&build& 4. The)forgoCen)segment) Enterprises sales are tougher and can swallow your time & focus but Validation by trusted brands accelerates consumers trust Pressure tests your value proposition & business model Industry solutions based on charter customers can accelerate initial growth and can transfer to other countries Gives you leverage with even the largest sales partners 5. Case)study:))think)global)from)day)1)Equity&Bank&in&Kenya&&wanted&MPOS& to&compete&with&mPesa,&but&why&us?!Ajay&Banga,&Mastercard&President&&& CEO,&Dr.&James&Mwangi,&Group&CEO,& Equity&Bank&at&the&Ezetap&Launch!Congured&Cashless&distribuPon&soluPon&for& largest&FMCG&company&with&SAP&integraPon!Expanding&to&10+& countries&this&year! 6. !! !Thank)you)Abhijit)Bose) abhijit@ezetap.com)