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  • PGCE Early Years 2012/13

  • I've gone back to Dee Point Primary where I spent Immersion Week. I went back because I thought that now I have had the opportunity to teach it would be a useful experience. Today I was asked to carry out a short focussed teaching activity and one of the children hid under the table & wouldn't come out! I decided to ignore him & carry on regardless & as all the staff members were engaged with their own groups there wasn't anyone to coax him out! At the end of the session I told the teacher what had happened and she said it was what she would have done - that was a relief!!! Hope everyone is enjoying the week, I'll see some of you on Friday at Kingsmead.

  • I've been to Sandy Lane Nursery today and worked in the SEN part of the environment. It's been a fantastic experience, the highlight (if you can call it that) being me having to lead the singing of 'Old McDonald' at the end of the morning session but using the Makaton we had learned the days before to sign the song as well as sing it (the TA and the supply teacher are still learning it). Nothing like being put on the spot to test how much you remembered!! Thankfully all went well, and I have been using the Makaton all day which has been great. I felt really comfortable using it and was able to communicate with the children better for having learned it. I will definitely be using this in the future!

  • I have spent a lovely few days at Adswood Community Primary School where I felt like I was treated like royalty as a visitor. They serve a community that is very deprived, very high SEN and behavioural problems. However, it is an outstanding school and the head teacher has made it such a positive environment. Makaton is used throughout the school and the daily assemblies consist of singing and signing to many current songs by Boyzone, Take That, Ed Sheeran and Labrinth to name a few. They all have such positive messages for the students and it was lovely to see them all take part. She has also created her own phonicsprogramme called 'Sign and Shine' which is a lot like 'Jolly Phonics' but uses Makaton signs to go along with each sound. It has been a really educational and uplifting experience!

  • I have spent the last three days in a Year 2 class. This has provided me with some really great experience as I have not yet had the opportunity to spend any time in Year 2. I was able to see the various techniques that teachers use to develop a child's learning in preparation for the SATS. I took part in a Science lesson yesterday where we used Discovery Dog, the resource that Lois talked about in one of our Science lessons. It was good to see that method in practice and the children really enjoyed the experiment about absorption. In addition, the D&T project that I helped the children work on was a turning mechanism. The children were making Incy Wincy Spiders that were climbing up and down the drain pipe. It was really beneficial to have had training on this type of D&T, because I knew exactly what I was doing and got stuck right in. Overall, I have really enjoyed my time in Year 2 and I am looking forward to the next placement.

  • I did the Makaton course on Monday/Tuesday and found it extremely useful. I intend to integrate this into my daily communication on placement B. I have spent the past few days at Wistaston church primary school in key stage 2 and it has been absolutely brilliant. Not only was it good to experience year 4/5 it was useful to gain experience in a large, city school (around 400 pupils). There were many examples of outstanding practice and some fantastic ideas. For example, children's targets were in a leaflet with their name and photos at the front which they dated every time they were achieved, "colourful pens for colourful words" (wow words), visual timetables, paired weekly presentations on a subject of their choice, the list could go on! This has definitely enriched my practice and I feel more confident about my next placement. Hope everybody's had a good week!

  • I have been at Broomfields Primary School (the juniors to Cobbs Infant School) this week. It is an excellent school and it is very apparent why they have recently achieved outstanding from Ofsted. Having completed SBTA in a year 2 class it has been very useful to observe the transition to year 3. I found the formative assessment and marking utilised to be very effective; many strategies which I have observed are suitable for early years. They do not use APP for assessment, but have devised their own system which appeared simpler and seemed very effective. I found the following strategies useful: A sheet listing the childrens targets is stuck in the front of their literacy and numeracy books. Each time the teacher marks the childrens work they refer to this sheet and date any targets the child has achieved. When marking the books they put a * which proceeds with a feedback comment, 'T' which stands for target and states the childs weekly target such as remember capital letters. hp for house points and if a formal target from the front sheet is achieved this is also written. A key stating the different meanings for the symbols used to mark work is up in the classroom. Another thing which I found to be effective, which I have read about but not seen in practice, is where the children are asked to reflect on the lesson. The teacher eitherasked the children Hit miss or maybe, they were then required to show a thumbs up, shake their hand from side to side or a thumbs down, or they were asked to draw a traffic light in their books i.e. a green square, an amber square or a red square, to reflect if they felt theyhad met the lesson objectives, not quite understood it or not met them at all. I found the whole experience very worthwhile.

  • I went to St Anns Primary School with Tom and Lauren on the Wednesday and Thursday to do some sports coaching. I can honestly say they were probably two of the best days I've ever spent in a school. For startersthe weather was cracking for the two days, which was a definite bonus as we were outside for all of it!We taught Year 1-6 doing a range of activities such as throwing and catching with the younger ones moving onto football and blind football with KS2. It was great to teach a range of year groups as most of my experience so far has been in foundation stage and I enjoyed been with Tom and Lauren as I felt I learnt a lot watching them teach and (I hope!) they learnt something watching me teach. I've got so many goodideas for teaching PE out of these two days which will be a great help when it comes to the next placement. I will definitely look at doing some coaching in the next school I'm in after this experience.

  • I have spent the last few days in a school in Ellesmere Port in a KS2 class (yr3/4). This was my first time being with a KS2 class and i loved it!! i had been feeling a bit nervous about the next placement as all my experience has been with the EYFS and having the chance to see KS2 has made me feel a lot more confident about the next KS1 placement! The school is in a rather deprived area and has lots of behavioural issues, the teachers were amazing and it was great to see the techniques they used to manage behavioural issues. I feel that i have gained a lot from this experience and i now can't wait to start the next placement.

  • India and I have spent the last few days in a rural school in Mottram in their KS2. We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to spend time in Yr3, Yr5 and Yr 6. being able to see where the children are aiming to get to by the end of their time at primary school was enlightening. A couple of highlights were: visiting Reception (which was fantastic, really great provision) with the Yr 5s so that they could sing the nursery rhymes that they had prepared and made props for; and taking part in the 'talk' to the Yr5 girls about growing up and puberty! Not something I have experienced in the Early Years. We spent a morning in Yr 6 while they had their literacy booster lesson (revision for SATs). This was with the lower ability half of the class and the teacher made the lesson really interactive, something I have struggled to make my literacy lessons. This highlighted to me the importance of preparation before asking the children to write about something and the teacher had some brilliant tips that could easily be adapted for the Early Years. A really useful visit that helped me feel less 'intimitated' by the 'big' juniors after spending 10 years in my comfort zone with the 'little ones'.

  • I spent Monday and Tuesday doing the Makaton course which I thought was brilliant and something I will use in my future practise. I spent Wednesday and Thursday in a playgroup which I loved. The morning group are aged 2-3 and afternoon group 3-4 (they come straight over from nursery.) The experience has confirmed for me that I am definitely more confident with this age group and enjoy working with younger children- snotty noses and dirty nappies don't bother me!! I decided to go into a playgroup to see the educational experience children have prior to nursery. I was pleasantly surprised to see the amount of phonics and language used to lay the foundations for nursery. I was able to observe the playgroup leader doing a short welsh lesson with the younger children and I was amazed at how quickly they picked up the language, there were 2 year olds using welsh better than me and I spent SBL A in a welsh school. The overall aim of the setting is to provide the children with a safe and stimulating environment in which they can be offered educational and group experiences through play. It is intended that their experience will help prepare them for more formal education by helping them to gain independence and confidence, learn consideration for ot