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<ul><li> 1. Take Python to a new level by learningsome advanced tricks and techniques.Learn how to use Pygame to setup agame window.Have the chance to practice your Pythonprogramming and try out what you want.Ask the questions the teacher never has achance to answer in a lesson.</li></ul> <p> 2. Library Mr. TamizianRead, Discuss and share recommendationsAll welcome! 3. Discover how to break different types of codesLearn how to create your own hard-to-break code!There will also be activities such as: Online code challenges Internet Encryption Credit Card Codes ISBN Numbers 4. Are you Into Film?Know your films from Lynch to Lee from Soderbergh toScorsese?In Year 9 and Up?Want to review films and have them published nationally?Take part in external film opportunities?Meet Industry professionals?Sign Up (see Ms Overs or Mr Carter) 5. This enrichment involves finding out about Whether the best sporting nations are the richestnations. The spread of the English Premier League aroundthe world. How racism has affected sport/ identity within sport. Mega sporting events (Olympics, World Cups, etc). Sporting crimes around the world. 6. ORHow did we get fromThis To This? 7. Choose Latin. Choose expanding your brain.Choose understanding modern literature.Choose impressing your parents. Chooseimproving your spelling. Choose showing offto your friends. Choose discovering yourpast. Choose a gateway to the earliest andgreatest literature. Choose knowing wordsused in Law or Medicine. Choose a possibleGCSE. Choose something that sounds goodon a CV. Choose making yourself better at alllanguages. Choose making yourself better atEnglish. Choose learning something. Choosesomething fun.Choose something useful.Choose Latin for enrichment.Latin Enrichment</p>