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  •   Exadata  Database  Machine   Case  Study  Snapshots   Data  Warehouse/ERP/Mixed  Workloads/OLTP                                                

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    About Accenture Enkitec Group Accenture Enkitec Group is a global systems integrator focused on the Oracle platform. We were established in 2004 with headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Recognized as an Oracle Diamond Partner, we hold various specializations and certifications pertaining to the technology stack. Among many accolades, we are proud to be recognized as a worldwide leader in Oracle Exadata implementations. Our services include: Database Administration, Engineered Systems, Big Data Management, Data Integration, Application Development, Business Intelligence, Education and Managed Services.

    About Our Consultants Our consultants represent a unique combination of database administration and development expertise. We have a proven track record of hiring the top technical talent throughout the world. Our consultants average 15+ years of experience in Oracle technology environments. They have been involved in over 400 Oracle Exadata implementations with zero unplanned downtime to date. We staff 15 Oracle ACE Program members; more than any other Oracle partner in the world. Our 21 bloggers and 14 authors are highly regarded in the industry.

    Part of Accenture Infrastructure Accenture Enkitec Group is now part of Accenture’s global Infrastructure Services business. Together, we have formed a team of consultants who will focus on the design and implementation of Engineered Systems-enabled offerings such as Database Migrations, Enterprise-wide Database Transformations, Database-as-a-Service, Oracle Applications on Engineered Systems, SAP on Engineered Systems and cloud-based solutions leveraging Oracle technologies. Recent Awards: 2013 Engineered Systems Partner of the Year - UK Oracle User Group 2013 Oracle Excellence Awards in Energy and Financial Services - North America    







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    Case  studies  are  grouped  by  workload  types  and  related  industry.  

    DATA  WAREHOUSE                  4         Direct  Marketing                    5   Direct  Sales  Marketing                6   Market  Research                    7   Market  Research                  8  

    ENTERPRISE  RESOURCE  PLANNING  (ERP)            9       Energy  Products  &  Services             10   Global  Real  Estate  Management           11   Healthcare                 12   Mortgage  Origination  and  Processing         13   Secure  Logistics               14       MIXED  WORKLOADS               15   Commercial  Insurance             16   Consumer  Packaged  Goods             17   Customer  Loyalty  Management           18   Document  Management             19   Electronics  Retailer               20   Energy  –  Exploration                 21   Energy  –  Production               22   Healthcare                 23   Insurance                 24   Telecommunications               25  

    ON  LINE  TRANSACTION  PROCESSING  (OLTP)       26   Media  and  Entertainment               27      

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    Direct  Marketing    

    This  leading  direct  marketing  agency  provides  the  creative  and  targeted  information   clients  need  to  hit  the  mark  with  their  marketing  campaigns.  The  company  designs   effective  communications  in  a  variety  of  media—  direct  mail,  response  television,   interactive  marketing  —  and  coordinates  each  campaign.    

    Why  Exadata  

    Trying  to  solve  a  capacity  problem,  this  innovative  and  tech-­‐savvy  company  was  one  of   the  earliest  adopters  of  Exadata.  They  had  run  out  of  runway,  out  of  space,  out  of  CPU,   out  of  everything.  Their  business  needed  a  solution  able  to  keep  up  with  the  demands  of   their  growing  customer  requests.    

    Our  consultants  delivered  a  prompt  Exadata  implementation  along  with  data   compression  capabilities.  

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    • Oracle  Exadata  (2  x  ¼  rack)     • Business  intelligence  applications  (implemented  by  Deloitte)   • Data  warehouse  


    • Enabled  more  client  services  by  improving  throughput   • Reduced  data  storage  costs  by  up  to  30%   • A  full  scan  of  a  table,  even  with  filters,  dropped  from  minutes  to  seconds   • Queries  now  return  only  what  was  asked  for,  with  no  extraneous  data   • Reduced  size  of  database  without  compromising  performance  by  leveraging  

    compression  technology      

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    Direct  Sales  Marketing    

    This  health  and  wellness  company  uses  a  direct-­‐sales  model  to  promote  an  expansive   line  of  skin  care,  weight  control  and  vitamin  supplements.  Their  continually  growing   global  network  of  independent  distributors,  place  a  high  demand  on  the  ecommerce   site.  System  reliability  and  high  performance  are  a  must.  

    Why  Exadata  

    The  company’s  rapid  and  unpredictable  growth  presented  a  potential  threat  to  the  long-­‐ range  success  and  stability  of  the  company’s  ecommerce  website.  Frequently,  the   database  hit  performance  limits  during  peak  order  times.  IT  leaders  were  also   concerned  about  the  lack  of  redundancy  to  avoid  system  outages.  With  future  growth   expectations  running  high,  the  company  decided  to  build  a  future-­‐proof  platform  by   implementing  a  robust,  highly  available  Exadata  infrastructure.  

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    • Oracle  Exadata  (1/4  rack  high  performance)   • Oracle  E-­‐Business  Suite  for  order  processing     • Oracle  Real  Application  Clusters  


    • Built  robust  platform  for  processing  orders  and  sales  commissions   • Created  a  solid  technology  foundation  for  the  future   • Resolved  capacity  concerns  during  peak  order  times    


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    Market  Research    

    This  company  specializes  in  providing  its  clients  with  millions  of  online  research   panelists,  enabling  clients  to  interact  with  consumers  and  executives.  The  company  also   supports  research  study  applications  for  ad  effectiveness,  brand  comparison  and   customer  satisfaction.  

    Why  Exadata  

    The  company  had  strained  its  legacy  system  to  the  max.    Report  times  were   unacceptable,  ranging  from  hours  to  days.  Exadata  was  the  best  option  to  handle  its   massive  data  requirements:  more  than  10  databases  and  23TB  of  data.  Downtime  had   to  be  limited  to  hours  per  year.    Every  hour  of  downtime  equated  to  a  loss  of  nearly     $100,000.  

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    • Oracle  Exadata  Database  Machine  (x2-­‐8)     • Data  Warehouse  envi


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