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  • DRAUGHTBlue Point - American Amber / Red Lager 7Stella Artois - Euro Pale Lager 8Guinness - Irish Dry Stout 8.50

    Steamworks Jasmine IPA - American IPA 7

    BOTTLE BEER SELECTIONKilkenny Ireland - Irish Red Ale 9Inedit Spain Witbier 12Estrella Damm Spain Euro Pale Lager 6Brio Iceland - German Pilsner 6Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar - USA Brown Ale 14Rogue Dead Guy Ale USA - German Maibock 14Rogue Chocolate Stout USA American Stout 14Peroni Italy Lager 7Heineken Holland Pale Lager 7Fat Tug IPA Canada American IPA 11Fruli Strawberry Belgian Fruit Beer 7Chimay Belgium Blue Belgian Strong Dark Ale 9 Red Dubbel 9Unibroue - Blanche De Chambly Witbier 13Budweiser American Lager 6Bud Light American Light Lager 6

  • ATLAS SIGNATURE COCKTAILSCaesar single: 8 | double: 11Vodka and real Clamato make up this classic withMontreal Steak spice rim, shredded basil, fresh gratedhorse radish, garnish with smoked salmon stick from ourJosper oven.

    Canada: The Caesar was invented in Calgary, Alberta in 1969 by restaurateur Walter Chell to celebrate the opening of a newrestaurant in the city.

    Bourbon & Black Tea 11Earl grey tea infused Bulliet Bourbon, lemon juice,orange water syrup, egg white, cream.

    USA: There is nothing more American than Bourbon and the BostonTea Party. The key ingredient in this cocktail is the tea-infusedBourbon well completed by the orange essence and lush mouth feel.

    Xtabentun (Iced Mayan Coee) 10Gold Tequila, Absinthe, Kahlua, egg white, agave syrup,chilled French pressed smoked coee from the Jopseroven, garnished with 1oz of chilled cream and shavedbitter chocolate.

    Mexico: Xtabentn is a ceremonial liquor produced by the Maya.The word xtabentn means "vines growing on stone" in the Mayanlanguage. It refers to a species of morning glory whose seedscontain ergine and have hallucinogenic properties.

    Frozen Hound 10Vodka, Cointreau, agave syrup, garnished with pinkgrapefruit granita.

    England: The earliest known mention of a cocktail of this descriptionis in bartender and author Harry Craddock's Savoy Cocktail Book of1930. This is our take on the classic.

    Kodawari 12Sake, white grape juice, lemon juice, plum wine,fried basil leaf, frozen grapes

    Japan: Reflect what Japanese call kodawari, which translatesroughly to a striving for unreachable perfection achieved throughrelentless practice, repetition, and extreme attention to detail.It's kodawari that makes Japanese cocktail preparation unique

  • Hussar 11Apricot Brandy, cognac, scotch, fresh blood orange juice,orange peel

    Austria: Austrian cavalry was one of the most famous troops in theworld. The best of these horseman were selected to be Hussar. Theonly cavalry unit in history to turn back Alexander the great duringhis conquest. This is our inspiration

    Imperial Pear 12Sake, vodka, rose water syrup, ginger syrup, lime juice,3 mint leaves, fresh pear juice, soda

    China: The pear has its origin and domestication in China. It is thefifth most widely produced fruit in the world, being producedmainly in China, Europe, and the United States. Pear belongs torosaceous family.

    Agua de Valencia 10 Grand Marnier, Cointreau, Gin, orange wedges,orange water syrup, lime juice, orange juice.

    Spain: Agua de Valencia is a drink inspired by Constante Gil from thebar Caf Madrid de Valencia in the city of Valencia, Spain, served theAgua de Valencia for the first time in 1959. Meaning the Water ofValencia, famous for oranges.

    Aquavit 43 11Orange water syrup, Aquavit, vodka, sparkling wine, mint

    Sweden: The word aquavit is derived from Latin aqua vitae, "waterof life." Whisky is derived from uisge beatha, the Goidelic equivalentof this phrase. Likewise, clear fruit brandy is called "eau de vie"(French for "water of life"). Aquavit is an important part ofScandinavian drinking culture.

    Miwadi 11Orange water syrup, Aquavit, vodka, sparkling wine,blackberries.

    Ireland: During the war, the drink was sold in chemists as it was afruit cordial and was often given to people when they were sick.Orange, blackcurrant, lemon, lime, and tropical, which are allproduced in Dublin. A popular hangover cure, customers will oftenask for a pint of Miwadi in bars.

  • ATLAS CLASSIC COCKTAILSClassic Gin Martini 9Gordons Gin, Dry Vermouth, olives, lemon twist

    Manhattan 9Bulleit Bourbon, Dry Vermouth, Brandied Cherry

    Old Fashioned 9Bulleit Bourbon, brown sugar, bitters, orange peel

    Negroni 11Gordons Gin, Sweet Vermouth, Campari, orange peel

    Boulevardier 11Bulleit Bourbon, Sweet Vermouth, Campari, orange peel

    French 75 9Gordons Gin, sparkling wine, lemon juice, simple syrup,lemon twist

    Champagne Cocktail 9Courvoisier V.S., sparkling wine, brown sugar, bitters,orange peel

    Daiquiri 7Captain Morgan White Rum, lime juice, simple syrup,lime wedge

    Margarita 9Olmeca Blanco Tequila, Triple Sec, lime juice, lime wedge

    Whiskey Sour 9Bulleit Bourbon, lemon juice, simple syrup, bitters,egg whites

  • SCOTCH Sgl | DblAberlour: A'bunadh Cask Strength 14 20Auchentoshan: Three Wood 12 19Bell's: Original 6 9 Bowmore:40 Year Old 1974 Signatory Artist Series 150 250Bruichladdich: Scottish Barley The Laddie Classic 10 15Glenfiddich: 15 Year Old Solera Vat 11 17Glenlivet: 12 Year Old 8 12Glenmorangie: 12 Year Old Nectar D'or Sauternes Cask Finish 12 19Johnnie Walker: Blue Label 30 45Macallan: 1824 Series Amber 13 20Oban: 14 Year Old 14 21Talisker: Storm 13 20The Arran: Robert Burns 11 18Lagavulin: 16 Year Old 14 22Highland Park: 12 Year Old 10 15Isle Of Jura: Superstition Lightly Peated 10 14Glenmorangie:12 Year Old Quinta Ruban Port Cask Finish 11 18Glenlivet: 18 Year Old 13 20Glenfarclas: 40 Year Old 75 120Glenfarclas: 21 Year Old 28 39Glenfarclas: 12 Year Old 9 14Compass Box: Great King Street Artists Blend 8 12Bruichladdich: 23 Year Old 1990 Black Art 4 40 60Edradour:2002 SFTC Chateauneuf Du Pape Cask Finish 18 30Chivas Regal 8 12

    COGNACCourvoisier: V.S. 15 22Hennessy: V.S.O.P. 13 20Hennessy: X.O. The Original 35 50Remy Martin: Grande Champagne Louis XIII 175 300Hennessy: V.S. 12 20Remy Martin: X.O. Fine Champagne Excellence 24 39Remy Martin: V.S.O.P. Fine Champagne 15 25

  • VODKA Sgl | DblBelvedere 8 12Grey Goose 8 11Grey Goose: VX Vodka Exceptionnelle 10 15Grey Goose Black Cherry 7 11Smirno: Blue Label 6 9Smirno: Double Black 6 9Smirno: Red Label 6 9Ciroc 8 12Ciroc: Peach 8 12Ciroc: Pineapple 8 12Ciroc: Coconut 8 12Ciroc: Red Berry 8 12Long: Table Texada 7 11

    RUMAppleton Estate: 12 Year Old 6 9Bacardi: 151 Proof 7 11Bacardi: Black 6 9Bacardi: Gold 6 9Bacardi: Superior White 6 9Captain Morgan: Black Spiced 6 9Captain Morgan: Spiced 6 9Captain Morgan: White 6 9Captain Morgan Dark 6 9Mount Gay: Eclipse 6 9Sailor Jerry: Spiced Navy 7 11Havana Club: 7 Year Old 7 11 GINBombay Sapphire: East London Dry 7 11Bombay Sapphire: London Dry 7 11Bruichladdich: The Botanist Islay Dry 9 13Gordons: London Dry 6 9Hendricks Small Batch 9 13Long Table: London Dry 7 11Tanqueray: London Dry 7 11Tanqueray: No. Ten Batch Distilled 9 13Tanqueray: Rangpur 6 9

  • TEQUILA Sgl | DblDon Julio: Anejo 1942 18 30Don Julio: Blanco 11 18 Don Julio: Reposado 12 19Jose Cuervo: Especial Gold 6 9Olmeca: Blanco 6 9Olmeca: Gold 6 9Tavi: Platinum Silver 17 27

    BOURBON | RYEJack Daniel's: Old #7 Tennessee Sour Mash 6 9Sazerac: 6 Year Old Sraight Rye 7 11Knob Creek: Rye Small Batch 7 11Knob Creek: 9 Year Old Bourbon Small Batch 7 11Jim Beam: Kentucky Bourbon 6 9Canadian Club: Premium 6 9Collingwood: Toasted Maplewood Mellowed 6 9Crown Royal 6 9Crown Royal: Black 7 11White Owl 7 11Wisers: Deluxe 6 9Bulleit: Frontier Bourbon 6 9Bulleit: Frontier Rye 6 9Basil Hayden's 8 12Woodford Reserve 7 11Eagle Rare 9 13Bualo Trace 6 9Bookers 12 16Four Roses 10 15Duke Kentucky Bourbon 12 18Seagrams 6 9Jameson 6 9

  • WINES BY THE GLASSSparkling Wine & Champagne 5oz Pares Balta: Organic, Cava (Penedes, Spain) 9 Summerhill: Cipes Brut, (Okanagan Valley, BC) 11Pol Roger: Cuvee de Reserve Brut (Eperany, Champagne) 24 White Wines 6oz | 9ozTinhorn Creek:Gewurztraminer (Okanagan Valley, BC) 9 12

    Chateau Ste Michelle:Chardonnay (Columbia Valley, WA) 11 15

    Fowles Wines: 490 MetresSauvignon Blanc (Victoria, Australia) 10 14

    Poplar Grove: Pinot Gris (Okanagan Valley, BC) 10 14

    Dr. Pauly Bergweiler: Riesling (Mosel, Germany) 10 14

    Hahn Family Wines: Chardonnay (Monterey, CA) 12 16Le Vieux Pin : Ava,Viognier Roussanne/Marsanne (Oliver, BC) 15 20

    Kings Estate: Signature,Pinot Gris (Willamette Valley, Oregon) 15 20

    Bernard Defaix: Chablis (Burgundy, France) 15 20

    Clos du Val: Chardonnay (Napa Valley, CA) 17 22

    Cloudy Bay: Sauvignon Blanc (Marlborough, NZ) 17 22

    Joseph Drouhin: Chassagne,Montrachet Blanc (Burgundy, France) 26 34

    Joseph Phelps: ChardonnayFreestone Vineyard (Napa Valley, CA) 30 40

    La Stella "Leggiero": Chardonnay (Osoyoos, BC) 11 15

    Hogue Cellars Sauvignon Blanc (Prosser, WA) 7 10

    14 Hands: Pinot Gris (Prosser, WA) 9 12

    Poplar Grove: Pinot Gris (Penticton, BC) 10 14

    Marco Felluga: Pinot Gris (Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy) 2