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  1. 1. OverdaytourinEgyptianMuseum,OverdaytourinEgyptianMuseum, OldCairoandKhanElKhaliliOldCairoandKhanElKhalili BazaarsBazaars Travel2Cairo.com Travel2Cairo.com
  2. 2. our tour start from your hotel to visit the EgyptianMuseumwhichwasbuiltin1897and openedin1902.Itcontainsthemostimportant collection of Egyptian antiquities in the world. Exhibited are over 120,000 objects from the Pharaonic and GrecoRoman periods including the celebrated mummies of ancient Egyptian kingsandthetreasuresofKingTutAnkhAmun. Lunchincludedduringthetour.Thenmoveto Visit Old Cairo where you will enjoy the Hanging Church, Ben Ezra Synagogue, Church PyramiddaytourinEgyptianMuseum, OldCairoandKhanElKhaliliBazaars
  3. 3. OneDayTourIncludes Transferbyanairconditioncar Egyptologyguideofyourownlanguageand ourrepresentative. Abottleofmineralwaterduringtrip. Alltaxesandservicecharge.
  4. 4. OneDayTourCairo Excludes Entrance fees to the tourist sites. Tipping.
  5. 5. Tour Package s 55.usdollarsfor1person .&75usdollarsfor2 persons. 90.usdollarsfor3 persons&100us dollars.
  6. 6. ContactUs ContactUs Telephone:00201223321799 E.mail:info@travel2cairo.com E.mail:omarmed2010@hotmail.com Website: http://www.travel2cairo.com
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