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If you want to enjoy Modhera dance festival then you should choose Ahmedabad city tour and enjoy the Modhera dance festival.


  • Enjoy Modhera Dance Festival With Ahmedabad City tour

    Modhera is located in the northwest of at least 100 kilometers in Ahmedabad. The nearest train station Modhera is Mehasana. Modhera sun temple in the state is a popular tourist destination. Modhera Dance Festival annually attracts domestic and international tourists. In 2013, the festival will take off two days from January 21 until January 25.

    In the Sun Temple in Modhera Mehasana area is dedicated to Surya, the Sun God, it has been covered with sculpture, in which the main figure is Surya highlight its facade. Beautiful sun temple as a backdrop of Indian classical dance festival held annually during January 3rd. Tourism Corporation of Gujarat organized this annual dance festival. This is done to render classical dance forms in the atmosphere they were originally presented in.

    Over the years, the dance event was a huge highlight among art lovers. This is an ideal time to travel on to India with Ahmedabad city tour. Tourists come to the state of Gujarat in January can experience two days of temples and stunning performance art and architecture! One of the ideal background Modhera sun temple, the festival will take center stage in January. Its carved Hindu religious sites of this important site Modhera dance festival.

  • Classical dance form is a two-day event welcomed major indices highlights a variety of dance throughout the country. In this part of the visitors profile famous dance master, academic leaders, students, and dancers. So do not miss any opportunity to see Modhera Dance Festival with the best Ahmedabad city tour.

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