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If you want to see art and culture of Gujarat then you should choose Gujarat holiday packages and enjoy Rann Utsav in Gujarat.


  • Enjoy Art And Culture of Gujarat With Gujarat Holiday Packages

    Rann UTSAV art and culture event is organized annually by the Gujarat tourism sector. The UTSAV or fair in India different locations. The fair shows India Indian traditional art forms and celebrate outstanding Kutch district in Gujarat brilliant unique culture and diversity. The fair held every year in December is generally a full moon. The Rann UTSAV There is various kinds of culture and folk dances, crafts, music, carnival parade, spectacular, and so on. All this combined with the true spirit and passion procedures Kutch residents.

    Show in traditional art forms of India Rann of Kutch UTSAV existing. In celebration of people gathered from all over Gujarat and India together, to celebrate and enjoy this festival with the people of Kutch. Many cultural activities and programs, which organized during engagement UTSAV each visitor.

    There is arts and crafts area brilliantly. The most fascinating experience is the different art forms, dance, and music in the cold winter, the full moon shining aura display. Visitors can stay in a tent, in the evening campfire sit, watch artisans work, dance and local folk dance and enjoy camel safaris with the best Gujarat holiday packages.

  • By local artists and various NGO National displayed something is worth buying. Many visitors from different countries to enjoy part of the variety of tourist packages UTSAV Rann of Kutch and its adjacent areas sightseeing during UTSAV involved. The fair provides people from all over the world to visit Kutch, a unique opportunity to experience the essence of this region.

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